FirstRain Customer Insights: Relevancy to power your sales force

The patented, big data insights of FirstRain's Customer Insights solution enable your entire sales force to continuously see and understand the events, challenges and opportunities impacting their most important accounts, driving:

  • More opportunities uncovered from typically hard-to-find information
  • More time saved by avoiding the clutter of irrelevant Web noise
  • More intelligent, higher-level and more strategic customer conversations

With FirstRain Customer Insights, your team receives personalized, highly relevant customer intelligence that is easily deployed into the platforms your people actually use. FirstRain's Customer Insights can make your entire sales and marketing team as well-informed as your top-performing 10%.

Unlike anything else we looked at on the market, FirstRain delivers the quality and focus of news that we require across an incredibly wide-ranging customer base.
Steve Kozek
Managing Director, Commercial Information and Analysis at
GE Capital

Uncovering hard-to-find intelligence that can transform your business

If you're selling locomotive subsystems, how do you effectively screen out General Electric's latest dishwasher sales numbers without missing that GE Transportation is planning an expansion in Kazakhstan with two local partners?

And how can you avoid scouring the technology press for some intelligence into your secretive biggest customer's expansion plans when their plans for a new LEED-certified headquarters were actually revealed in a place you'd never though to look: the pages of an architectural magazine?

The uniquely powerful and relevant business insights found by FirstRain's big data insights engines will transform your sales force by providing unprecedented customer intelligence for unprecedented growth.

With a complete picture of all your customers' activities by business line, plus business insight into your customers' customers, your team will be prepared to help their customers solve their biggest problems and unlock ideal opportunities, strengthening your role as a trusted and insightful partner.

Simple to deploy for maximum ROI

FirstRain's cloud-based delivery platform deploys seamlessly into your existing workflow. Our easy-to-use interfaces have been custom-built for the needs of sales professionals and require no additional IT resources to manage them.

The exact customer intelligence your sales and marketing teams need is delivered within the applications they use every day, such as's Sales Cloud and Chatter, Microsoft's SharePoint, Dynamics and Yammer, Cisco's WebEx Social, Jive, Oracle Sales Cloud, your own company portal, or our intuitive Web application. FirstRain's simple, drop-in implementation also seamlessly syncs across your team's iPads, smartphones and email.

Image for maximum utilization

The FirstRain for Sales solution

FirstRain offers three easy and intuitive drop-in components that are designed for enterprise sales professionals and complemented by seamlessly synced iPad, smartphone and email access.

Image for Personal Intelligence Carousel

Personal Intelligence Carousel

A personalized view of the customer, competitor and market intelligence affecting your key accounts

Market Landscape

A strategically tuned view of the companies, markets and competitors that move your business every day

Image for Market Landscape
Image for Account Snapshot

Account Snapshot

Dynamically generated customer intelligence from any
or other CRM account or opportunity detail page

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