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FirstRain Uses Cutting-Edge AI To Identify Your Best Opportunities And Deliver Actionable Insights To Boost Your Revenue 2X

Intelligence That Matters

FirstRain’s Proven Three-Step Process Finds And Prioritizes Relevant, Targeted Insights About Your Accounts And Prospects

Collects Data

Our proprietary technology scrubs the web multiple times an hour, gathering critical data from the most trustworthy sites.

Extracts Insights

FirstRain scours the information it collects. It is deduplicated, verified, scored and then matched against your target companies, people and keywords.

Delivers Actionable Insights

Once we’ve found this highly-relevant information, we push it out to your FirstRain app and into your CRM, so your sales reps are always seeing the most accurate and current information. And the best part is that this entire process takes only seconds.

Every day we’re giving back a month of selling time to our sales organization. You can’t beat those numbers. They ultimately lead to sales success: More deals, better deals, more profitable deals, deals that are more strategic.

Greg Mihran,Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, Flex

Real Results,
Right Away

onboarding process

Improved performance of the
middle 50% of sales reps

2X increase in
revenue or greater

Identify Your Best Opportunities

FirstRain’s AccountRank™ Reveals Which Deals Are Most Likely To Close, And Tells Your Sales Reps Exactly What To Say And When

AccountRank™ leverages AI, proprietary web-scraping technology and best-in-class, third-party data providers to collect prospect insights in real-time. It uses these insights to score every company in your CRM and identify the best accounts to focus on.

Using the historical success data in your CRM and a wealth of proprietary demographic, firmographic and technographic information, AccountRank™ pinpoints which of your accounts are most likely to close with the least amount of time and effort.

The system leverages a data scientist to design the most accurate machine learning algorithm for your data, and each account you add is automatically scored by your customized algorithm.

You will see the AccountRank™ Score, the account name and the highest-scored contact for that account displayed right in your CRM or in the FirstRain app.

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Unmatched Intelligence At Your Fingertips

FirstRain Delivers Timely, Relevant And Targeted Insights That Help Your Sales Team Meet Quota Everytime

Know Who To Call
And What To Say

FirstRain gives each sales rep a list of who to contact, as well as relevant industry- and company-specific insights for each account on the list.

Make Better Decisions
With Predictive Scores

FirstRain’s AI-powered insights eliminate guesswork, assigning scores to your accounts so your reps always know where to focus their time.

Always Be Prepared With
Customized Meeting Briefs

FirstRain prepares your sales reps by delivering a customized meeting brief 15 minutes before every customer meeting in their iOS calendar.

Ramp Up Reps Quickly

Make every sales rep an expert on your buyers and industries with FirstRain. With a steady stream of real-time insights delivered right to your CRM or FirstRain app, your reps are always prepared. FirstRain is the secret weapon your sales team needs to gain an edge in today’s challenging ABM environment.

Know First With Account Alerts

FirstRain delivers alerts, via email or app notifications, any time a critical change takes place in one of your accounts in your ABM program. Alert tags include “deal threats,” “reasons to check in,” “good to know,” “management updates” and more.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

FirstRain helps you keep an eye on your competitors with “What’s New,” “Management Changes,” “Key Developments,” “FirstReads,” “Influencers & Market Drivers,” “FirstTweets” and “Social Commentary” competitor panels.

Ready To Close More Deals?

See firsthand how FirstRain will use AI-powered AccountRank™ technology to transform your sales and marketing departments.