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High-Quality, Actionable Insights On Your Accounts, Industry And Competitors

FirstRain Uses AI Technology And Human Intelligence To Deliver Noise-Free
Business Insights From The Broadest Range Of Quality-Ranked Sources

Less Time, Less Effort,
More Results

Real-Time, Actionable Insights
Customized Just For You

The massive amounts of new and changing information on the web make it incredibly difficult to find insights relevant to your business. Your sales, marketing and strategy teams need up-to-date intelligence, but they often lack the time and training to find it. Without real-time insights, they risk missing critical opportunities and potential threats.

That’s where we come in. Using a combination of AI technology, human intelligence and robotic automation, FirstRain filters the noise on the web and delivers relevant, actionable insights to your team.

Not only will you save hours each day, but you’ll be better equipped to make intelligent business decisions and drive strategy with confidence.

Every day we’re giving back a month of selling time to our sales organization. You can’t beat those numbers. They ultimately lead to sales success: More deals, better deals, more profitable deals, deals that are more strategic.

Greg Mihran, Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, Flex

Harness The Combined Power Of
AI Technology And Human Intelligence

FirstRain’s Groundbreaking 3-Step Approach
Delivers Market Intelligence That Can’t Be Beat

Step One: AI-Powered Source Discovery

FirstRain’s proprietary technology continuously scans websites worldwide – providing the broadest range of business content sources available. With over 60,000 global sources and counting, FirstRain’s breadth of data coverage is unmatched.

Step Two: SourceRank QA™

When it comes to making judgements on the quality and trustworthiness of a content source, we know there is no substitute for human intelligence. So, in step two, dedicated FirstRain analysts manually evaluate and rank each and every source. This high-touch process ensures that our algorithms assign the proper weight to insights from each source.

Step Three: InsightFilter™

FirstRain InsightFilter™ uses cutting-edge robotic process automation technology to detect, aggregate and deduplicate the quality-ranked articles and documents in near real-time. Then, using a combination of advanced entity detection algorithms and natural language processing technology, a relevance score is assigned to each piece of content.

High-quality, highly-relevant insights are then categorized, prioritized, and delivered directly to your team.

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FirstRain Delivers Critical Insights For Sales, Marketing And Strategy

Boost Sales Effectiveness

With high-quality, real-time insights delivered directly to your reps they’ll look like experts on every call. This enables reps to connect and build trust quickly.

Plus, with less time spent on research they’ll be free to spend more doing what they do best – winning deals, earning revenue and capturing market share.

Build Smarter Marketing Plans

Marketing teams are usually left on their own to try and find market and competitor insights that will impact their strategies. FirstRain eliminates the need for that time-consuming, ineffective research altogether – making each team member an instant expert on product categories, industry trends, competitors and more.

Instead of wasting time conducting research, they will be free to focus on creating and optimizing their campaigns.

Lead With Vision

To move strategically, your team needs to be up-to-date on competitors, the latest industry trends, mergers and acquisitions, management changes, new product launches, government regulations, social commentary and much more.

FirstRain does the work for you, ensuring that no critical threats or opportunities are missed and empowering each team member to focus on proactive business planning.

Take A Peek Behind The Curtain At FirstRain’s Comprehensive Process That Is Always Working Overtime For You

Source Discovery

FirstRain uses AI to continuously look for URLs and sub URLs that offer business content.

Manual Evaluation

The quality and trustworthiness of each source is manually evaluated by trained analysts.

Document Aggregation

Robotic process automation technology then aggregates and de-duplicates content from the approved business sources in near real-time.

Information Scoring

Through a combination of advanced entity detection algorithms and natural language processing technology, a relevancy score is assigned to each piece of content.

Personalized Insights Collection

Machine learning algorithms that have been customized to your company’s ecosystem then rank and categorize each insight.

Insight Delivery

The most relevant insights are delivered directly to your team members in near real-time.

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