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AI-Powered Insights Reveal Who To Call And What To Say To Close More Deals

FirstRain Uses AI, Advanced Algorithms And Analytics To Maximize Your Revenue

FirstRain was created by a team of data scientists, UX designers and business leaders on the forefront of the big data analytics revolution. Our goal is to enable every professional to dynamically access rich and revealing insights into the world’s businesses and use that information to close more deals.

Our software is designed to dramatically reduce the time sales teams spend researching accounts so that they can spend more time doing what they do best: selling.

Identify Your Most Promising Accounts Instantly

The core of FirstRain is AccountRank™, an innovative feature that uses AI and historic success data in your CRM to learn what profile of account is most likely to close. FirstRain appends a wealth of proprietary demographic, firmographic and technographic information to your CRM data and designs the most accurate machine learning algorithm to analyze and rank your accounts.

As a result, every account you add is automatically scored by your customized AccountRank™ algorithm — instantly whittling down your list to the most promising accounts.

Turn A Wealth Of Data Into Actionable Insights

FirstRain combines two powerful elements to deliver unmatched insights. First, we use proprietary web-scraping technology to scour every reputable news source in real time. This allows you to discover not just the big news and official announcements, but also the developments that will have a direct and important impact on the companies or industries that concern you. We also distill the massive universe of real-time Twitter updates and present you with a digest that is verified, deduplicated and ranked according to relevance and importance.

In addition, we cull relevant information from best-in-class third-party data providers to present you with the top need-to-know data points for each account. Every rep will always know exactly what to say on their calls.

Easy Integration Right In Salesforce

All FirstRain outputs are displayed right in Salesforce, at both a dashboard and an account level. The result: Each rep sees a simple page summarizing the two critical things to know — who to call and what to say to close the deal.

FirstRain Powers The World’s Largest Sales Teams

60% of our revenue is from products that are less than 24 months old. That means we need a real-time feed into what is going on with our customers and what is impacting their buying decisions. FirstRain is our weapon of choice to compete in the global marketplace.

David Heard, President, Network & Service Enablement, JDSU

Ready To Close More Deals?

See firsthand how FirstRain will use AI-powered AccountRank™ technology to transform your sales and marketing departments.