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Cut Through The Noise, Get Tailored Competitive Intelligence

FirstRain Uses AI, Human Intelligence And Advanced Algorithms To Give You Relevant Insights

FirstRain was created by a team of data scientists, UX designers and business leaders on the forefront of the big data analytics revolution. Our goal is to enable every professional to dynamically access rich and revealing insights into the world’s businesses and use that information to make better decisions.

Our software is designed to reduce the time sales, marketing and strategy teams spend on research so that they never miss a business opportunity or threat.

Drastically Reduce
Time Spent On Research

Whether you’re researching the best online sales tools, market data providers for marketing and sales effectiveness or sales intelligence software reviews, the number of options is large.

The volume of new and changing information on the web is endless, making it difficult for teams to stay on top of their industry, accounts and competitors. When your teams spend hours digging through information or toggling between different sales enablement tools, they’re wasting valuable time. All of that searching decreases the amount of time they have to be strategic, connect with buyers and have meaningful conversations.

Other sales intelligence companies offering various competitor analysis tools online present a “solution” that may make the problem worse, leading to more time wasted.

That’s where FirstRain comes in. No more frustration. No more hours wasted. FirstRain harnesses the combined power of AI technology, human intelligence and machine learning algorithms to discover the broadest range of business content sources, filter out the noise and deliver relevant insights directly to your team.

Turn A Wealth Of Data Into Actionable Insights

FirstRain is a competitor search tool that uses AI to discover the broadest range of business intelligence and combines machine learning algorithms with human intelligence to filter out the noise. Then it delivers only the most relevant, actionable insights from trusted sources.

FirstRain can improve your sales and marketing alignment as well as your sales enablement process by providing key competitive app data.

Your team members will become instant experts on their accounts, industries and competitors. With this knowledge they’ll be better equipped to make intelligent business decisions, drive strategy with confidence and win more deals.

Easy Integration

FirstRain is a sales and marketing intelligence provider that’s pre-built for a SalesForce integration, so you get full CRM capabilities right out of the box. No SalesForce? No problem. The FirstRain platform boasts an open API that enables flexible integrations with the platforms you love. The result: your team will have the relevant, actionable insights they need, right at their fingertips.

FirstRain Powers The World’s Largest
Sales, Marketing and Strategy Teams

Every day we’re giving back a month of selling time to our sales organization. You can’t beat those numbers. They ultimately lead to sales success: more deals, better deals, more profitable deals, deals that are more strategic.

Greg Mihran, Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, Flex

Get Relevant, Actionable
Business Insights

FirstRain’s AI-powered technology filters through the noise to deliver the insights your sales, marketing and strategy teams need — leading to greater productivity and more revenue.

Ready to identify opportunities and threats in the market and make better decisions?