A customer says we’re “on steroids” | FirstRain

A customer says we’re “on steroids”

We have a new customer that we have been deploying over the last few months and my sales person sent me an amusing customer commentary today.

The customer is a very large software company in the security business. They are using FirstRain in both sales and marketing to stay current on major customers and market developments, in just minutes a day, never missing any business developments so they can improve their sales performance.

Here’s the message I got:

Earlier this week an account director sent a marketing director the request “do you have anything to help keep me up to date about BP UK”.

The response he got was “We have this really cool service called FirstRain, it’s basically like Google Finance on steroids, with everything in one place” and allocated him one of their remaining licenses.

This customer team has only been actively using FirstRain for a couple of months so it’s great to get their endorsement so early in their deployment (although I am not sure Google Finance on steroids does us justice since we have so much more!).