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Capital IQ to sell FirstRain directly to end users

We are announcing an exciting extension to our Capital IQ partnership today. We started this partnership almost 2 years ago – with this announcement – and over the last two years we have both grown our service to Capital IQ’s end clients and grown our relationship with the excellent team there. My guys really enjoy working with them and we’re delighted they want to include our service in their offering.

And so today we have announced that Capital IQ is now reselling FirstRain to their clients. We have embedded a FirstRain window into the Capital IQ platform that looks like this (with annotations):

and is a very similar integration to the approach we took with FactSet except that in addition to linking through to the search results of the research engine, Capital IQ has chosen to provide quick links directly into key pages like the management turnover page for a company – like this analytic on Pfizer:

This expansion of our relationship is good for both companies. It allows Capital IQ to add the rich experience of business intelligent search into their users research process, and it provides us with access to a new market. Capital IQ is widely used through the banking world, private equity and venture capital, as well as in many small investment firms.

As Randy Winn, executive managing director of Capital IQ said: “Over the past two years we have partnered with FirstRain to bring the most powerful business and financial intelligence to Capital IQ clients. FirstRain’s ability to identify, synthesize and rank critical business information that is scattered across the web provides a competitive advantage to our customers. We are pleased to extend our partnership and to be able to deliver the full range of FirstRain search and analytics to our end users.”