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Current example of a sales team using FirstRain to stay ahead

Got email from a client last week really pleased with the information they had found on FirstRain to help them with a campaign.

Here’s the story: A small software company selling to a large energy utility. They sell software to help automate and improve customer communications.

In this case the sales team was doing a detailed business process analysis to show the utility how much money they could save by upgrading their customer communications, and how they would also improve their quality.

Friday afternoon – meeting with the CIO to present their findings. The CIO walks in, out of sorts, the company had just been in the news as losing customers because of their inability to invoice customers correctly (right in the sweet spot for this sale). On a break during the meeting the sales team looked for the news story – wanting to make sure they understood the severity of the issue and how to use it in their sales cycle. They looked on Google – not there – then on FirstRain – straight to the link and then able to use the research engine to understand the background.

The sales team is now using their additional knowledge to help the customer get on top of their billing issues quickly – and sent us an email saying “Thank you FirstRain”.

(the story is anonymous until they win the contract – then we can name them)