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Cut The Noise And Find The Opportunities You’ve Been Missing With FirstRain

Do your marketing, sales and strategy teams have all of the information they need to make informed business decisions? Since there is so much data available on the web, it can be difficult for people to cut through the noise and uncover the data that’s actually relevant to them. The good news is that it is possible to resolve this problem with the right solution. Here’s how FirstRain can help you find the opportunities you’ve been missing. 

A Closer Look At The Noise On The Web

Over 5.8 million blog posts, 500 million tweets and over 1,000 press releases are published every day. As a result, it can take hours for your marketing team, sales reps or strategy group to sift through information to find what they need. Without an effective way to filter through that data, teams simply can’t ensure that they have the most accurate and relevant insights. Worse, while there are many solutions out there that claim to solve this problem, most of them are missing the mark. 

The Struggle To Filter Out The Noise

Some organizations try to filter out the noise by using sources or aggregators that focus on narrow ranges of data and content. By limiting the breadth of data users receive, they hope to limit noise and easily find relevant insights. Alternatively, others prefer not to limit the data and content. They use AI-based tools to aggregate and filter the broadest range of information as possible. 

There are flaws with both of these approaches. When you gather information from a narrow range of sources, you risk completely missing critical insights that sit outside of that range. If you use AI-based tools to aggregate a broad range of insights, it can still be a challenge to sort through all of the data you receive because these tools don’t put an emphasis on relevancy. 

In both cases, your teams will still be missing the relevant, actionable insights they need. They need a way to quickly and effectively filter, categorize and prioritize information. Otherwise, when decisions are made and actions are taken, you’re likely to miss opportunities.

How FirstRain Helps You Uncover Business Opportunities

FirstRain uses AI to discover the broadest range of business intelligence and uses machine learning algorithms to filter out the noise. Then it delivers only the most relevant, actionable insights from trusted sources. 

Here’s how it works:

1. AI-Powered Source Discovery

Machine learning algorithms ensure that FirstRain has the broadest coverage of sources by instantly detecting URLs and sub-URLs that offer business content. With over 300,000 global sources and counting, FirstRain’s breadth of data coverage is unmatched.

 2. SourceRank QA™

We believe there’s no substitute for using human intelligence to make judgments about source quality. That’s why our data scientists manually evaluate and rank every source based on quality and trustworthiness. This ensures that our algorithms assign the proper weight to insights from each source.   

 3. InsightFilter™

As our latest innovation at FirstRain, InsightFilter™ uses cutting-edge robotic process automation technology to ensure that the latest documents are aggregated and de-duped in near real-time. By removing noise and focusing on relevancy, our technology helps users quickly hone in on important insights. 

Get The Relevant, Actionable Insights Your Business Needs

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