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Drive mobile selling with personal business analytics

As mobile technology becomes ever more pervasive, enterprise sales managers have realized that having access to the right data, 24/7, no matter where they are, is an incredibly powerful tool for their sales teams. If it delivers the right business insights to the user, high-performing organizations can use mobility to increase deal size, decrease sales cycle timelines and profitably improve sales activity, according to Selling More with Mobile Solutions by Accenture.

The CSO Insights 2012 Sales Performance Optimization Study found that 97% of companies are actively using or starting to use tablet devices in their sales organization—and just about every business now realizes the upside of mobile. But a big problem for many companies is that they don’t have a targeted strategy for how their salespeople use smartphones and tablets, and nothing in place that will effectively drive mobile adoption so they can integrate is as part of their official workflow. To drive mobile selling, you need an app that can help salespeople:

  1. Maximize meeting effectiveness: Mobile apps that deliver business insights and are relevant specifically to the people in the meeting allow salespeople to maximize their opportunity by speaking only to what is important to their client.
  2. Collaborate and sell as a team: Having the ability to share critical business insights with the entire team means that everyone is on the same page. Being in sync means that the team can develop and refine selling strategies, become more efficient, and shorten the sales cycle.
  3. Access critical information on the spot: If they can immediately know what’s going on in their client’s business, anywhere, they can improve efficiency and save themselves from trying to hunt down actionable business insights after-the-fact. And by simplifying their workflow, they have more time to focus on closing deals.

Many enterprise apps struggle to gain adoption because many sales people can’t identify the big incentive: something that proves to their sales force that using mobile for more than just phone or text messages will win them more deals. Using personal business analytics on mobile means that salespeople have access to critical business insights at their fingertips—so no matter where they are, they can understand how to engage their customers about the critical events that are affecting them as they happen, helping them improve relationships, win more deals and drive more revenue.