Dun and Bradstreet selects FirstRain | FirstRain

Dun and Bradstreet selects FirstRain

We have yet another customer win this morning – Dun & Bradstreet.

On the heels of last weeks announcement of our partnership with Fidelity, today we’re announcing that we have been selected by D&B to provide business content from the web in their DNBi Risk Management Platform.The contract is for the research engine to provide a continually updated stream of high quality business content for top companies within the D&B platform.

The goal for D&B is to get richer information to their corporate clients who are looking into credit worthiness – basically risk management. Adding in high quality business content from the web fills out the picture for them very efficiently.

D&B chose us because of quality which is very validating for our R&D team who have worked so hard to get the technology to transform messy, duplicative web content into a high quality data source. Only firms who have tried to do this know just how hard it is. We filter and categorize on companies and business topics producing a dynamic, continuously updated content stream.

So, adding D&B to our other platform partners like Capital IQ, Mergent and Fidelity is very exciting.