Fidelity selects FirstRain for new idea generation on | FirstRain

Fidelity selects FirstRain for new idea generation on

Another exciting morning today!

This morning Fidelity has announced that it has selected FirstRain as a partner on its new Stock Research Center on which they launched last week and are announcing today.

You can see FirstRain’s spike and volume detection technology at work for yourself if you go here – look for this section on the right hand side and have fun!

Our research engine is continuously identifying and highlighting trending economic and industry content from the web and then identifying which companies being impacted by these trends.So then, once a user gets interested in an idea the UI takes him/her straight to the Fidelity fundamental research about the company to help them decide whether to trade on the idea.

The smarts we’re putting to work here are the system’s ability to detect spikes and directionality in any one of the thousands of business topics we have built into FirstRain. The topics are all associated with industries so we can quickly pick out what’s hot in any one area like Technology or Energy. We are continuously processing millions of documents and storing the patterns – and so can distinguish quickly when a spike is occurring in contrast to the normal levels of content about any particular topic.

We are obviously delighted with this partnership.It’s exciting for us to leverage our research engine and contribute to Fidelity’s revised research platform.