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A First Time Dreamforcer Recounts

I did consider the possibility that Dreamforce would turn out to be underwhelming – but this apprehension was quickly erased before I even walked in the doors by a casual passing of Marc Benioff. After watching his Keynote live and hearing about him from my team, I expected him to be larger than life, and he was. Seems Dreamforce would be exactly what I was hoping for.

Marc Benioff

After fulfilling my celebrity sighting for the day, I was ready to start the event. We began our hike in the training area where Salesforce products were explained and showcased for available learning.


If you have done much California hiking, you would feel right at home on the redwood-decorated “trail.” After completing our first walk-through and hearing product lessons, we just couldn’t resist revisiting the “campground” to collect pins and badges. The marketing team here sure knows their audience.

Dreamforce Lanyard

After the Trailhead, we entered the Cloud Expo to interact among my peers. From Silicon Valley neighbors to European visitors, I met many of the corporations helping to shape the cloud industry of today.

Dreamforce Escalator

But the thing that impressed me the most? The sheer size of the event. What an incredible and diverse gathering of individuals interested in a better tomorrow.


Wish you were there too? Watch Dreamforce on Salesforce Live this year. But next year, be sure to hit the trail and I already found the dates.