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Game-Changing Intelligent Business Search

I’ve been briefing editors for a few days now, and expect I will be through this week to. It’s the first time we’ve talked with the press about our new capability and the category “intelligent business search” – although our customers have been using it for several months now. We decided to wait to announce it until we were very confident of customer adoption and that the value we had planned to build was actually being experienced by our customers. And we’re there today!

Customers are telling us how much they like it:

– the helpfulness of the information and the time it saves sales in finding new opportunities and preparing for meetings
– the time it saves marketing in staying on top of everything happening in their market
– the ease of configuring for all our users – just what they want to see in the form they want to see it
– the freshness of the management change data, especially in comparison to traditional tools
– the freshness and breadth of intelligence because the web is the source, especially in comparison to the market intelligence services most users have access to today.

Bottom line – you can find higher quality intelligence in minutes instead of hours, and exactly what you need for your job.