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FirstRain is Proud to be Plugged In To GNIP!

When FirstRain first launched our FirstTweets customer intelligence and analytics capability last spring, we knew we were taking an approach that was unlike anything else we’d seen in the marketplace, and our customers have told us as much. Unlike social media monitoring tools designed to help you understand and monitor conversations around your brand, FirstTweet’s unique analytics extract only business-focused intelligence from the extraordinary noise of Twitter, and then our patented algorithms actually understand and organize that information into the exact business lines, companies and industries that B2B sales and strategic marketing professionals sell into.

With FirstTweets, many business professionals got access—for the first time—to a world of Twitter-based intelligence relevant to their most important customers, competitors and end-markets, and all easily integrated into their existing CRMs, mobile devices and workflows. It’s Twitter made easy and highly relevant for the B2B sales and marketing pro.

And critical to the success of FirstTweets was, first, to have comprehensive, authorized and reliable access to the Twitter firehose—and for this FirstRain relies on Gnip. Gnip is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of social media data, and in addition to being a fantastic team of innovative social data ninjas, they’ve been terrific partners in our quest to transform the way corporate enterprises drive revenue through Web and Social customer intelligence and analytics beyond social monitoring.

That’s why we here at FirstRain are thrilled to announce this morning that we have been selected as one of Gnip’s inaugural Plugged In To Gnip partners. Joined by only a handful of select companies such as IBM, EMC, Brandwatch and others, being selected as a “Plugged In” partner by Gnip reinforces the unique, leading-edge approach to B2B social media analytics for sales and strategic marketing that FirstRain is taking.

We believe that having access to Gnip data really does give us a competitive edge which allows us to deliver real value to our customers every day, and being selected as a ‘Plugged In’ partner is yet one more proof point that FirstRain is providing customer intelligence that delivers unique and powerful customer intelligence our customers can’t get anywhere else.

Thanks to our friends and partners at Gnip for selecting us, and we’re looking forward to doing even greater things together in the future!