FirstRain is the #1 App on Seeking Alpha! | FirstRain

FirstRain is the #1 App on Seeking Alpha!

We released out first free version of FirstRain on the brand new Seeking Alpha app store last week – and today we are the #1 app with over 2500 downloads!

The reviews are terrific — like “This is brilliant. You can see in an instant all the important news on any ticker and know what happened to the stock and the volume when the news was released. Probably the fastest way to get familiar with any new stock.”

It’s easy to try it out for yourself. Go to the Seeking Alpha App Store and install it.

You can see two views of a company – a short overview of what’s hot and happening:

and then if you click through to Read More – you see a whole page of the company brief – an in depth and very relevant view of what’s impacting the company, it’s competitors, it’s management, and then from there review the top industry topics that are trending on the web.

In one page you can quickly and easily review, or come up to speed on, a company and it’s market (this is the chart at the top of the page showing the critical events).