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FirstRain’s Aaron Shiansky Honored by San Francisco Mayor

It’s not every day that you get to work alongside a real life saving hero, but thanks to one of our brave employees, here at FirstRain it has now become a daily occurrence. We are extremely proud of Aaron Shiansky, one of our Sales Engineers, who was honored on Monday by San Francisco mayor Ed Lee. On January 19, Aaron jumped into the San Francisco Bay to save a tourist who fell off the pier.

The woman, a professor from Taiwan, was taking pictures when she tripped and fell into the water.  Aaron’s lifeguard training (and bravery!) came in handy: he, along with two other good samaritans, jumped in and saved the woman’s life. After remaining in the hospital in a coma for a few days, the woman is thankfully now recovering in Taiwan. She and her family have said that Aaron will always have a place to stay in Taiwan.

The original story of Aaron’s heroics is here: “Good Samaritan Describes Rescue after Tourist Falls in SF Bay”. And coverage of the award ceremony here: “Men Honored for Rescuing Woman in SF Bay”

Great job, Aaron!