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FirstRain’s Dreamforce Star Guest: The Future is Now

Imagine it’s 2025, downtown San Francisco is pulsating with large inflatable structures that seem to grow from the ground. Customers have had their ‘revolution’ and the Internet of things is no longer an idea–there is now a platform for “listening and acting on information from connected devices by creating a workflow around not only identifying the anomaly within a device,  but also figuring out what to do with the anomaly.” Developers can now deploy to a range of social, mobile, and connected devices.  Platform services include 10X more API functionality then one ever thought possible. Developers can build customer apps, wearable apps, product apps, whatever apps they want in a scalable flexible platform. It is now the era of the “Internet of Customers.”


But proliferation of global and social business web information has made accurate insight into the business an intractable problem because companies and markets change every day. Robots, that were supposed to assist humans in everyday tasks, are still not a reality.


But wait, it is not 2025 but 2013, and Dreamforce is happening, and while has managed to crack many of the items listed above, all but for the last two- and that is where their partner, FirstRain comes into play…


So after you see the amazing inflatable structure and listen to the Salesforce 1 annoucement, come by booth #N1924 to see how FirstRain delivers into the salesforce platform real-time analytics for true business insights. All while visiting with Chassis the Drinking Serving Robot- because everyday tasks like pouring a drink should by now be fully controlled by a robot, no?


Stop by, get a picture with Chassis, and have a drink on FirstRain.


Moscone North Booth #N1924, Expo Hours:


Monday 12pm-8pm  (Possible Dance-off with @TooSaasy during opening reception 6-8pm?? No Twerking allowed!)


Tuesday 2pm-5pm


Wednesday 9am-5pm


Thursday 9am – 2pm