Free snapshot of FirstRain account intelligence is now on Salesforce AppExchange | FirstRain

Free snapshot of FirstRain account intelligence is now on Salesforce AppExchange

We’re making a snapshot of FirstRain intelligence available for free on AppExchange today – so everyone can get access to intelligent business search results within their accounts, contacts, opportunities etc.

Today’s announcement is the new free applet – a snapshot – that shows What’s Hot for each account. What are the most important business topics impacting the customer? (for example breast cancer in the Pfizer example below) What are the most recent management changes? Who are the top competitors and what are the latest developments with them?

The snapshot is designed to help the sales person figure out what to say on a call or in a meeting – how to help the sales person make their conversation relevant to the customer and their business. Arming the sales person to talk about the changes impacting the customer’s business (and how he/she can help) rather than speed-and-feed a product.

Why should you care? Because unlike typical databases, FirstRain uses the web as the most dynamic, real time source of updates and intelligence for your sales campaigns. But unlike typical web search it extracts out the events that are impacting your customer… and de-junks, filters and ranks what’s hot for you, so you only see what matters. This means you can

– Prepare for a call instantly
– Understand your account in context
– See competitor events and top news and blogs
– Know the top hot industry topics impacting your accounts
– See key unannounced management changes
– Link into deeper intelligence and reports

=> Know what you should know — but never have the time to research

We have a number of customers who have already downloaded the applet and they are telling us that not only is the information immediately useful – but also downloading the applet was easy and it runs fast! Great to hear.

Here are some samples of how the applet works inside salesforce CRM. As you would expect – it also has many links into FirstRain so licensed users can easily jump into company briefs and deeper views of their customer’s business to use during meeting and campaign planning.

You can see a demo and screenshots – or download the app for yourself – on our page on AppExchange.

“What’s hot” smart summary – FirstRain chooses what goes onto the front page of the snapshot based on where the hot activity is for the account
Who are the top competitors – and what’s happening with them?
What are the hottest issues in the industry and what’s been happening?
What is the trend in management turnover – who recently joined and left – plus a link through to extracted management team lists