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FreePint’s VIP Review: FirstRain is a Product Business People Will Actually USE!

We’re all very excited here at FirstRain, as we’ve just seen the product review of FirstRain published this month by VIP Reports and (in a slightly more condensed form) in the August 2011 edition of VIP Magazine. VIP Reports aim to provide product and vendor reviews of premium content products. We were delighted to have VIP’s report author Perrin Kerravala, Senior Librarian at Export Development Canada, analyze FirstRain and share an inside look into how effectively our solution can help deliver The Business Web to busy professionals. The Report walks readers through the basic workings of the product and offers a detailed product review (including screenshots and a step-by-step guide).

In short, it’s a great review, and the VIP Report highlights a number of the attributes that make FirstRain such an asset to businesses:

• “FirstRain is primarily a current awareness research tool that makes free, relevant web content easy to find.” (Emphasis theirs)
• “[FirstRain] Vastly increases precision when searching for quality business information on the internet, largely thanks to the FirstRain Business Web taxonomic system.”
• “FirstRain enables users to build sophisticated Monitors very quickly using a three-step process.”
• “Numerous mobile and enterprise integration options allow organisations to choose the method of content delivery that works best for them.”
• “[FirstRain] is suitable for users at all levels of research expertise—novice to expert searchers. The product’s customisable monitoring functions and content delivery options make it a good option for busy C-Level executives.”

A really positive review like this one provides just one more validation that FirstRain is a solution that can truly meet the needs of sales, marketing, legal, CI, research and many other professionals who need to find information to make business decisions. For example, selling and rolling out a solution is one challenge, but delivering a solution that people actually find value in and continue to use on a daily basis is quite another. Fortunately, we know how good the active usage by our customers of FirstRain actually is, but it’s wonderful to see this strongly supported, as when Ms. Kerravala suggests, “… FirstRain is effective and user friendly—ensuring that users will come back to it, time and again.”

Just one more exciting day at FirstRain! To see the full report, visit FreePint at: