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Gigaom Structure Data: It’s a FirstRain Wrap

It’s been a week since Gigaom Structure Data wrapped up, and I’m still processing a lot of what we learned, the great conversations that we had and following up with people we connected with.

It was a great conference! Here are the top 3 things that attendees learned about FirstRain when they stopped by our booth:

    • When you’re running Corporate Business Strategy, you need a way to look at market-moving technologies (probably why you went to Gigaom event!). Many of our customers are Fortune 500 companies, using FirstRain personal business analytics to monitor and deep dive into how emerging technologies can drive their business.
    • For sales, what I like to call ‘Creepy Big Data’ is extremely valuable—data points to help you figure out where the buyer is in their buying journey. But you better have a talk track beyond those data points when you get on the phone, so you need to truly understand your customer’s business so you can become a trusted partner in their journey. Our customers use FirstRain Customer Insights to do just that.
    • We also had the chance to talk to some marketing leaders at the event who are thrilled with access to all this data (a marketer in a candy store of data!). Our own customers take advantage of FirstRain Market Insights to target their go-to-market based on the shifting buying roles of buyers— helping them get a jump on their competitors.

I’ve also gone back through the full video archive (thanks Gigaom!) and selected three videos that I’ve been sharing with my colleagues and some of our enterprise B2B customers thinking about big data projects: