Happy 12th Birthday FirstRain India! | FirstRain

Happy 12th Birthday FirstRain India!

It was the 12th anniversary of FirstRain India and all the Rainmakers contributed to make it an unforgettable event.

The celebration started with a cake cutting ceremony inside the office premises and then we all headed to the party venue “The Woods.” The sunny winter day, pool side view and non-stop great food added to the mood.

The fun started with games among the six event teams followed by a treasure hunt. Funny props were very popular throughout the event.
We were amazed to see how each team performed in the individual performance round. I must say we do have great talent at FirstRain.
Singing, mimicry of FR superstars along with enacting live moments from the office added color to the celebration.

After the well-spent hours in the sun with games and performances, it was the time to get recharged again so we all headed to the party hall. The evening was a BLAST! Awesome variety of drinks and snacks aside, there was great music which very quickly moved everyone to the dance floor. The energy was amazing and no one seemed in any hurry to head out for dinner. Finally, FirstRain India MD, Aparna Gupta had to announce a final 15-minute dance session with everyone on the floor before dinner. The dinner and dessert did not disappoint at all either. It was a perfect end to a rocking party.

The full day event brought us a great opportunity to interact with each other in an altogether different setting and also highlighted the hidden talent within each of us apart from performing best at our workstations. Each of us was handed a memento—a soft photo frame with a group photograph from the event.

In the end, we must say…

At FirstRain, it’s not only about working hard, it’s also about having fun at work!

Keep going Rainmakers.. Make the ‘FirstRain kite’ fly higher and higher across the roaring wind.