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Harvesting Big Data for Social Business

Have you ever thought about how, when you are in a specific situation or have something very important on your mind, you begin to see it all around you? For example if you have ever been pregnant—ALL you see around you are other pregnant women, as if it were a global pregnancy epidemic! Last week Steven Feinberg visited our office and I learned about our brain’s reticular activating system (RAS), the part of the brain that recognizes patterns and “makes sense” of your experience. Your brain does this by looking for evidence to prove your beliefs—yes, the part of your brain that spots all those other pregnant women, or all the Mini Coopers on the road!

So maybe it is my reticular activating system acting up because it was another BIG Monday morning for Social Business Big Data in my content streams.

Here are some highlights:

Why Big Data Will Deliver ROI For Social Business” If you are at all interested or affected by social business, then you have probably heard of Dion Hinchcliffe, whose focus has been social business and next-gen enterprises working with some of the biggest companies out there. In this post in InformationWeek, he talks about driving forward very real business outcomes by harvesting the missing social business intelligence capability within most organizations. You can follow @dhinchcliffe for daily knowledge of social business.

Business Intelligence (BI) Trends Go Beyond Analytics” on Forbes.com by SiliconANGLE’s Editor Kristen Nicole. This popped up on my radar because it mentioned what we are doing at FirstRain, by adding context to the data FirstRain finds and packaging it up for business use so a sales professional can immediately understand their customers.

Why Context Matters—Forget Real-Time, Achieve  Right-Time” this one goes back a couple of weeks but I just found it and, although it is B2C focused, had a key point that addresses the B2B Social Business harvesting of Big Data:

Customers and employees only want engagement aligned with self interest. Relevancy of information is required for customers and employees to respond. Real-time interactions quickly evolve into noise. Signal to noise ratios must be improved as garbage in will lead to massive garbage out. In some cases, customers don’t want engagement. They just want the experience.

Can Data Science Save the US Economy?” Saroj Kar, takes a slightly different take on the importance of Big Data by focusing in on the data scientists:

In recent months in the U.S. alone, large organizations, from staffing companies to universities, have seen a growing interest in a new professional class around data. A curious mix of business expertise, analysis and information technology, this new title is underway in various vertical markets such as energy, commerce, healthcare and financial services. And if experts are right, this is just the beginning.”

I found this article because it mentioned our CEO Penny Herscher’s recent TEDx talk on how “Coding is the New Literacy “. It not only highlights what we see in the marketplace as a real need for business skills but how FirstRain delivers (in doing the  ‘heavy-lifting’ of data analysis for business users) such value to our customers—of course we have a team full of data scientists ourselves!

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