FirstRain is Matt Heinz's App of the Week! | FirstRain

FirstRain is Matt Heinz’s App of the Week!

When respected industry peers highlight our company and our products, it’s incredibly special for us. So, we are extremely happy that we have been selected by Matt Heinz, founder of Heinz Marketing, as “Matt’s App of the Week.”

Matt selected FirstRain because, as he said, “Even with the proliferation of information available online, getting it all together and keeping it updated has often been a hassle… That’s where FirstRain really shines.  You tell them what companies you’re targeting, including the type of engagement or business relationship you’re interested in.  They then filter the entire Web for information about the company and specifically related to your focus areas, and share it for you in one easy-to-use Web interface.”

Matt has been using FirstRain and says it is a “huge time saver—and I’ve found it a source of intelligence I’m sure I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.”

Thanks again to Matt for making FirstRain this week’s App of the Week!

Read Matt’s entire post here and follow Matt Heinz on twitter @heinzmarketing.