In the Spirit of FirstRain | FirstRain

In the Spirit of FirstRain

FirstRain celebrated the holiday season on Monday with our annual company potluck and a lively version of the white elephant gift exchange game. As usual, the FirstRain “chefs” brought in a variety of fantastic foods, ranging from Thomas’ salmon to Doug’s Chili!

This year, FirstRain made sure to leave most of the gag gifts at home (well, besides a banana holder and a re-gifted gift). Bottles of wine and alcohol were high in demand and eagerly fought for. Julie ended up with the best gift, a bottle of wine and jars of David’s homemade jams and jellies. Eugene received the “worst gift”, a re-gifted chip dish. However, ironically the worst gift was brought in by Eugene, himself! Julie and Eugene won office gifts, a brand new iPad2 and Kindle Touch.

The party was a big hit and we’ll definitely continue the tradition next year. It was a perfect way to end a fantastic year.

We’re looking forward to 2012 and the exciting events that lie ahead for FirstRain.

Happy Holidays!