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Joining Forces for Sales 2.0 Industry Intelligence

The underlying way in which FirstRain adds such value to our customers is our unique ability to extract only high-quality Business Web content from the consumer internet, and then deliver it up to folks who need it to make decisions about their company, their industry, their products, their competitors, etc.

But one thing we’ve focused on a bit less is delivering information about the actual practice of certain roles. In other words, rather than the content a sales executive needs to succeed in their job (which we currently do very well), it’s the content that’s ABOUT being a sales professional: the tools they use, the best practices in the space today, the emerging trends, the industry changes, the major purchases, etc. If you’re a sales enablement, operations or support professional, or a manager looking to successfully lead your team to exceed their goals, this information is of great interest.

And it turns out, FirstRain is is pretty good at finding this stuff too! Of course, our friends at Selling Power have been providing leading edge information about sales sucess for many years via Selling Power magazine,, their conferences, custom publications, and more. So when we sat down to chat about this challenge a couple of months ago it seemed natural to team up!

Monday (June 20) at the Selling Power Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston, MA, Selling Power CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner and I had a chance to discuss the challenge now facing Sales people as they struggle to find useful information on Sales 2.0 issues using Google and other consumer search tools:

And as I mentioned in the video, we’re very happy to announce a new collaboration between FirstRain and Selling Power, delivering new Sales 2.0 “Hot Topics”, powered by FirstRain, right to the home page of Included are topics such as CRM & Sales Enablement, and Sales Management & Compensation, and each features high-quality Business Web content found by FirstRain and delivered in real time to readers.

It’s yet another example of the power FirstRain can deliver Sales, Marketing, Finance and other business professionals, and it’s great to be able to do offer it in collaboration with our friends at Selling Power. For us it’s a bit of an experiment, so check it out and let me know what you think!