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Microsoft Reveals Everything its Enterprise Social Network Tool Accomplished in One Year

By Nora Weintraub

With so many professionals turning to social media, it made fiscal sense for tech giant Microsoft to acquire enterprise networking tool Yammer last year. And since Microsoft has started to invest in cloud computing software and placing social tools into some of its product upgrades—yes, Office 365 and SharePoint, I’m talking about you—obtaining a social media platform for professionals was a logical next step. 

Financial Jabber About Yammer
After investing a cool $1.2 billion, Microsoft saw the enterprise social networking tool experience unprecedented growth. According to the updated calculations, the number of registered Yammer users grew more than 55 percent in 12 months, topping out at nearly 8 million. In fact, activity has doubled since the acquisition, with users messaging each other more than ever before. 

TechCrunch reported that just last year only 20 percent of Yammer subscribers paid for services—that’s still about 800,000 people. A few months shy of Microsoft’s one-year anniversary with Yammer, nearly 7 million users were paid subscribers, which is a growth of 165% in less than 12 months. 

Sales reps and teams that collaborate on Yammer may continue to see the enterprise networking tool keep up its significant growth. And with Microsoft’s history of frequent enhancements, Yammer is also set to get a few. TechCrunch reported the social platform will become integrated with email, users may be able to access documents stored on the company’s cloud, and Yammer could receive an external communication improvement.

Whether the email feature will be Outlook-exclusive or the external messaging implementation will just be with Skype, TechCrunch does not say. Whether you use Yammer or not, utilizing a social media platform can help you stay engaged with colleagues. 

While social media is just one tool to connect with your fellow sales reps and marketers, it is important to note that everything you do in the digital realm should lead you to boost sales. In fact, networking sites allow professionals to share market research and customer insights quickly and easily. So as platforms like Yammer take off, you should remember that social sites help you to connect with your colleagues and get insight into how to close the sale. 

Happy One Year from us and our enterprise customers happily Yammering away.