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New FirstRain Orion Architecture Release Shakes Up the Business World

The wait is over. The FirstRain Orion release is causing quite an impactful stir in the world of technology. Orion, released on June 17th, is the world’s first analytics platform that brings together external and internal unstructured data to coach teams and professionals on key business developments that affect their go-to marketing strategy, business relationships, and investments.

Recognition for this universal architecture is coming from every angle, including senior executives from Racepoint and top 10 global pharma company who highlight “smooth integrations” and “increased productivity” driven by FirstRain solutions. The primary topics of discussion displayed Orion’s ability to elevate the delivery of information by:

  • Introducing new families of business analytics, such as marketing campaign enrichment, diverse fact extraction, opportunity and business risk triggers and financial risk analytics to create rich and concise real-time business insights, and enable executives, sales, marketing and finance professionals to make higher quality decisions.
  • Using a modern, dynamic and adaptive architecture that builds high precision business data analytics from a broad spectrum of content, delivered together into one user experience.
  • Easily integrating into the client’s business workflows and existing platforms through each step of the revenue process – whether building go-to-market strategy, creating smart context-aware lead generation campaigns, discovering and developing new sales opportunities, or identifying business risks.
  • Automatically personalizing and configuring the insights for each user, team or for enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • Being fully mobile native and responsive to create a powerful, compelling information experience on smartphones or tablets.
  • Incorporating both external unstructured data, from the global web and social media, with internally created unstructured business data.
  • Rapidly deploying through Web service APIs to increase both internal user engagement and the customer value delivered through commercial solutions.

“We are delighted to bring the new FirstRain Orion architecture to our Fortune 1000 enterprise customers,” said Penny Herscher, FirstRain president and CEO. “The seamless integration of critical and personalized customer and market insights into their enterprise-wide solutions and mobile-first initiatives will help them grow revenue by dramatically improving the speed and quality of the employee’s daily business decisions.”

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