Optimize your Business Strategy this Year

Optimize your Digital Strategy this Year

It’s a new year and everyone is looking for digital trends that will optimize business strategy this year. We trust that things are already in full swing your business initiatives and we want to recap on our favorites brought to you from our friends at Altimeter.

CEO, Charlene Li, thinks, “Agile customization of experiences becomes a priority” in 2016, and we could not agree more.

  • Data must be able to run at the pace of today’s constant moving global economy, but most importantly around your business world.  “Agile customization”, as Li puts it, is not based on “static transaction profiles”, but a combination of information, analytics, verticals, and to put mundanely, a whole lot of data.  Information crosses paths and together can illuminate your business strategy with relevant market insights and actionable industry analysis.

  • Digital organizations are more than ever depending on data that is “tied together with world-class analytics.”  Both of these tools need to be packaged together for greater optimization.  CRM tools, real-time data analytics, coupled with customization around your key business markets will optimize your digital strategy in 2016.

Industry Analyst, Ed Terpening, acknowledges a rising complexity in the digital ecosystem.

  • Customer remains king in 2016, and adhering to the Customer Experience via an array of platforms can become tricky without the right technology.  There will be an added pressure to social tools that will mandate a cross functionality to a seamless digital experience. Terpening sees a challenge the way “social experience [can] support broader CX goals”.

  • CX demands a heightened level of attention and with it will bring innovative technology that will connect the dots between digital strategies and multi channel platforms.

Today’s business world is not static and your digital strategies must address not only volume of data but recency based on the specific role and need of the ‘consumer’ of that data. That is why our FirstRain Business Web Graph continually scans the structure of the living Web and the topics, triggers and business lines continually change over time, evolving and expanding based on system input and customer feedback.

FirstRain is an enterprise leader in providing a competitive analysis of target market analysis that will help optimize your business strategy this year.

Feel free to contact us for a free demo, and show you how actionable insights can empower your digital strategy this year.