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Personal Business Analytics Drive Revenue for Healthcare

Some of the world’s largest Fortune 1000 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies are using personal business analytics from FirstRain to make their employees smarter, grow their business and drive revenue. Want to find out how your company can do the same?

Nima Niakan, FirstRain Fellow, will be showing webinar attendees how personalized business analytics from FirstRain are beneficial to companies in the healthcare industry by displaying the intersections between their markets, new legislation, competitive activity and geographies in a completely different way. With FirstRain, you can:

  • Keep up with activity and expansion plans of major pharmacies, insurers, NGOs and other industry players
  • Get trigger events indicative of sales opportunities or potential risks for medical devices or other products and services
  • Monitor your competitors’ activity, including executive commentaries, management changes and trials
  • Track state-by-state insurer, HHS department and other stakeholder activity to better position your products
  • Become the trusted advisor that your customers want to buy from

The session will be 30 minutes long and will include case studies and Q&A, as well as a demo of FirstRain.

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Hope to see you there!