Reading the Signals on Apple and the Mobile market | FirstRain

Reading the Signals on Apple and the Mobile market

The three most recent Signals on FirstRain tell an interesting story:

Combine this with a look at volume of content on the web around Apple. This is a chart of web content volume for Apple – here you can see that the discussion on Apple went quiet for a while, it then heated up around the Mobile computing discussion, but despite all the considerable chatter on the much-rumored Tablet on the web, the Quattro acquisition generated an even larger spike in web content.

All signs are that 2010 is the year that marks the major transition in Mobile computing platforms. The explosion of smart phones, the rapidly growing tablet choices, ebooks etc. all free consumers from their PCs and even from their Macs.

If the new Apple “Tablet” is as sexy a product as the iPhone was (and there is no reason to believe it won’t be) – their new move will allow them to grab an interesting piece of the mobile ad market and put Apple again in a commanding position.

This is probably why the Quattro acquisition is such a hot topic on FirstRain.