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Spotlight on Growth at the SAVO Sales Enablement Summit

The 2015 SAVO Sales Enablement Summit theme – Spotlight on Growth – brings together an elite community of sales, sales enablement, sales operations and marketing professionals united with a common objective – driving growth through a highly effective, productive and tightly integrated sales ecosystem.

FirstRain is proud to be a sponsor at this year’s summit and to show our support we will be exhibiting and demonstrating how our mutual customers can use SAVO and FirstRain together to drive growth.

The SAVO team has done a great job leading up to the Summit sharing with attendees the best way to take full advantage of the Summit. Here are a few blog posts that highlight what we all have in store for us this week:

There are also some great customer testimonials written from by Michelle Genser that are must reads if you are attending:

We look forward to meeting all the SAVO teams as well as customers at this year’s summit, and will be at the SAVO Smarter Selling Lounge from Tuesday evening June 2nd through Thursday June 4th.