The "Aha Moment" | FirstRain

The “Aha Moment”

You know the feeling. That moment when it all makes sense, it all clicks, you finally get it. That moment while watching the Usual Suspects when you see the plot twist, when your bio-chemist friend explains some complex project and it finally makes sense to you, when you finally understand what the debt ceiling means to your wallet.  There is such a pure sense of satisfaction, excitement, and relief, all rolled into the “Aha” moment.  And if that moment can impact both your personal and professional life, well you might just have something great on your hands.

I had one of those moments, in the basement of Grand Central Station of all places. I was eating a rather average pastrami sandwich (should have gone to Katz Deli, but that is another blog post) while catching up with an old friend and former co-worker. He was explaining the technology behind the new company he recently joined, FirstRain.  As he was filling me in on the details of the Web Graph, I started to put the pieces together in my head. I asked some questions that began with “does it really…” “do you realize…” and ended with statements that began with “wow…” and “holy…” Then something clicked.  I had an “Aha moment!” I realized that I had been introduced to something new and amazing. At that moment I knew that I was about to begin the next phase in my life.

It was a sea change both personally and professionally. From the business side, I realized that FirstRain will impact how companies use and think about information. It would enable many people I know to move their business to the next level. I was convinced that companies needed the right business tool to use the web properly and efficiently. FirstRain is that tool to harness the power of the web.

As we talked, I tried to make sense of how this would be the right fit for me personally. It was a chance to use all the skills I have acquired over the years and help companies move forward. I was excited to begin working with one of the best teams I’d ever come across. I felt like Kramer from Seinfeld, ready to jump on board in exchange for free lattes.

So I was in, all in.  I pushed all my chips into the middle of the table and went for it.  And a funny thing happened. It got better, and keeps on getting better. I knew I was joining a great company but FirstRain has continued to beat all my expectations. This is the right company, the right technology, the right team, the right strategy, the right place for me to elevate my career.

As a sales professional, I am constantly striving to help my clients understand how FirstRain will impact their company so they will have their own “Aha moments”.  With FirstRain, those moments will transform into real business value and a much greater return on their investment.

I’m still riding that “Aha” wave, right out of the basement of Grand Central.  Like any “Aha moment”, when you get it, you want to share it. You want others to see what you see, not just because you think it’s cool, but because you know it’s a game changer.