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It’s All About Them. Time to Delight Your Users with FirstRain API

Understanding customers and markets has become one of the most effective ways to empower business professionals to be more engaged and productive. Unfortunately, either building or integrating with noisy content solutions creates apps that users quickly disengage with. That is why we are pleased to announce our newest product, FirstRain API.

FirstRain Personal Business Analytics™ has become the most effective tool in the decision making process among business professionals. With FirstRain API, it is now easy to deliver just-in-time analytics, designed to increase customer engagement and grow revenue, within your own enterprise mobile, e-tablet and web applications.

FirstRain API now provides enterprise developers with real-time data-level and/or application access to our powerful proprietary business graph – generated using big data analytics across millions of sources, documents and social media from across the global web. The FirstRain business graph extracts the deep, interconnected relationships between companies, businesses and markets.

With FirstRain API, your users can see and engage with their own personal and predictive analytics profile across all channels and access points that you develop. With FirstRain, you can advise your users on key developments deep in their customers that can drive growth or identify risk, all through a very personal lens and information experience.

You can read the full Press Release Here.

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