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Understanding COVID-19’s Impact on B2B Sales

COVID-19 has impacted organizations around the globe. As this situation continues to evolve, companies are changing the way they work. To keep up, sales teams also have to adjust their approach and the way they interact with customers. Now the question is: how can sales teams manage the impact of COVID-19 and navigate these unprecedented times?

The Changing Sales Forecast

B2B buying still plays an important role during this time. However, it will require vendors to build more trust with customers. Data shows that one-third of B2B buyers say they will need more quality and accurate information about what they are buying. 

Twenty-three percent of respondents also noted they’ll need to have more confidence in the purchases they’re making. The interactions your sales team has with customers can go a long way to build that trust. 

Shifts In The Sales Team Dynamic

The way that sales teams communicate with each other has an impact on customer interactions, productivity and morale. Since most sales reps are now working from home, it’s critical to prioritize internal communication. Your team needs the ability to connect, collaborate and support each other during this time. 

The Acceleration Of Digital Transformation

Currently, many businesses across the country are closed. Events and conferences have also been canceled in response to the pandemic. As a result, sales reps are adjusting to remote work. The interactions they have with customers are all happening digitally. This is a big shift for reps who rely on in-person interactions as part of their sales process. 

Connecting And Selling Remotely

Most companies are now relying on social channels, emails and webinars to get their message out. This makes it increasingly difficult for sales reps to cut through the noise, get in front of the right customers and keep their attention. They don’t know how to reach out to customers or how to genuinely engage with them. 

However, one change can help your sales reps close more deals. According to Biznology, 82% of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared. These buyers say that reps don’t know enough about their industry or don’t know how to answer questions. 

That means that something as simple as having more customer knowledge can help your sales teams stand out. When sales reps understand their customers, they can more easily engage them in conversation and close more deals. That knowledge is the key to minimizing the impact this pandemic has on sales. 

Simplify The Sales Process

The world of sales is changing, but the right tools can make it easier to adapt. You can empower your sales team to keep making progress and meet their goals

Sales intelligence tools like FirstRain can help your team navigate this crisis. These tools help sales reps get the insights they need to connect with buyers, build trust and stay relevant as business changes. FirstRain gives your sellers up-to-the-minute insights about their prospects so they know exactly which prospects to contact first.

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