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Welcome to a New Way to Know ‘Who to Call’

Building solutions that meets today’s customer needs is core to our FirstRain mission. Over the last few months we have invested a lot of time with customers and prospects to really understand what today’s sales teams need as part of their sales acceleration strategy. Today we are pleased to announce our newest product update with FirstRain Personal Business Analytics™ for Sales 2.0 for salesforce.com. Starting today, FirstRain customers can download the newest version of FirstRain for salesforce.com from the salesforce AppExchange.

Transforming the way people market, sell and service through a customer-focused lens takes a deep understanding of the customer and the markets in which they operate. FirstRain gives sales and marketing teams the insights they need to understand emerging business challenges and opportunities, driving actions and strategic decisions in order to grow revenue. FirstRain ranks top accounts by the quality of triggers that are dynamically discovered based on a user’s role, and the products and services they sell.

Using an adaptive business graph that delivers powerful categorization and precision, and in-the-moment, context-aware personalization, FirstRain can now coach sales teams by alerting them of “Deal Breakers” and “Accelerators,” which include real-time triggered events on potential risks in active Salesforce.com sales opportunities or real-world events that will help accelerate sales discussions.

Welcome to a new way to know “Who to Call” and what to say!

FirstRain for Salesforce Dashboard

You can read the full press release here, or sign-up to see for yourself here.