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Why blogs REALLY matter now

Per Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere Day 1 report – some fascinating statistics on who is blogging. It’s not the teenage unemployed geeks or housewives writing about their kids that the press sometimes imagines. It’s a business relevant, earning group, which is why blogs are rising so rapidly in importance as a source of news and the new wave of publishing – citizen journalism.

Did you know:

There are now a million blog posts a day – This is a huge source set of information

80% of bloggers write about brands and products – This is business relevant information

58% of bloggers are over 35 years old – The writers are mature, not kids

56% employed full time – And they are professional

51% make more than $75K/yr – And they are relatively wealthy!

And this is why the majority of our customers want us to bring blogs to the front of their FirstRain data.