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Why Sales Reps Are Missing Sales Quota – And How to Fix It

The market is always changing. Are your sales teams keeping up? For many organizations these days, the answer is no. Increasingly, sales teams are struggling to turn leads into buyers. In fact, research shows that nearly 50% of sales reps aren’t able to meet their quotas.

However, there is a solution. First, you have to understand what factors contribute to your sales team missing quota. Then you can address these issues to help them meet their goals. 

Why Your Sales Reps Aren’t Making Their Numbers

Not Spending Enough Time On Sales

Sales reps spend less than 36% of their time actually selling. Instead, much of their time is spent on administrative tasks, looking for information and chasing leads that go nowhere. In other words, they spend the majority of the workday on activities that don’t contribute to meeting their quotas. 

Lack Of Prospect Information

According to CSO Insights, 42% of reps feel like they don’t have enough information about prospects before making a sales call. When your reps don’t know what your prospects’ needs are or what issues they’re facing, it’s very difficult to sell to them. 

Reps Don’t Know Who To Call Or What To Say

That lack of understanding has an even greater impact. Sales reps that don’t understand their prospects also don’t know who they should call or what to say to engage them. It’s hard just to start the conversation, let alone spark the kind of interest it takes to drive a deal forward.

How To Fix Your Sales Problem

Streamline The Research Process

To increase the time reps spend on selling, you have to streamline the research and deliver better insights, in a form that reps can act on. A sales intelligence tool like FirstRain is designed to do just that.

Use Relevant Information To Connect With Prospects

Data shows that 70% of prospects want to talk to sales reps. However, when they do, only 8% of people trust the information they’re receiving. Sales reps can close the gap by showing that they understand prospects’ needs, pain points and concerns. 

FirstRain provides the relevant insights your reps need to know: about your target companies, their people, competitors and markets. Armed with the right knowledge, reps can authentically connect with potential customers, building the trust it takes to complete a sale.  

Align Sales And Marketing 

While marketing and sales teams have different goals, both have an impact on the bottom line. The problem? There are typically walls between these departments. They aren’t on the same page about who the right buyers are and how to connect with them. 

FirstRain uses two unique capabilities to solve this problem. FirstRain’s proprietary AccountRank technology applies predictive sales intelligence to score your accounts, determine the ones most likely to buy, and identify the decision makers most important to the sale. And its intelligence-gathering algorithms monitor more than a million data sources, extracting pinpoint insights on prospects, their markets and their people. In effect FirstRain tells reps who to call, and what to say. This results in better conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, increased revenue and unprecedented alignment between marketing and sales.. 

Make More Sales Now

A few simple shifts can transform your sales process and help your reps meet their quotas. Sales intelligence tools like FirstRain empower your team with the insights sales reps need to connect with prospects and convert them to customers. 

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