Why would a CMO care about the web? | FirstRain

Why would a CMO care about the web?

We have a client who is CMO of a large enterprise software company – and he and his team’s use of FirstRain is an excellent example of the power of the web as a database for corporate decision making.

In this case we have build a model of the company and it’s ecosystem that includes

– the company itself
– each of it’s major competitors
– important industry trends (like business models and delivery mechanisms) and standards
– all web sources – both differentiated like blogs and industry media, plus the commodity like PR and news wires – effectively organizing all possible sources of information
– industry events
– industry trade shows
– companies of personal interest to the executives (you never know what someone will want to track)

The result is a rich intelligence system for the team that not only
a) finds them interesting information about their market and their competitors that they would have missed that impacts their product decisions, and
b) categorizes all information so it is useful, easily accessible and stored for historical review, but
c) also helps them shine in front of their peers because of the information they have at their finger tips when debating decisions.

And we have a happy customer which is what we care about.