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Work smarter, not harder, to drive more revenue

Everyone wants to be as effective as possible at his job, and to be effective one needs to have deep knowledge of his or her business. Whether you’re a salesperson or a marketer, your job effectiveness most likely depends on how well you know your products, customers and markets. But people struggle with unearthing the critical information that will take them to the next step, and according to an IBM study “From Stretched to Strengthened Insights,” 66% of companies lack an in-depth understanding of their customers. This leaves them with a huge gap that they try to bridge by spending an inordinate amount of time searching for key insights,  hidden in a sea of information overload.

But you can work smarter, not harder, and drive more revenue by making sure of a few critical things:

  1. Stop searching for information. If the only way you’re getting the information you need on your key customers and markets is by doing a generic search, you’re spending way too much time looking through a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Using a personal business analytics solution that delivers you the insights you need can save you valuable time, while bringing you up to speed on the things you care about most.
  2. Make sure every meeting is effective. Too much time and energy is wasted in meetings that accomplish nothing—and if they happen with a client, that’s a surefire way to slow down the sales cycle and make it harder to close the deal. By having information that is extremely relevant to that particular account, you can ensure that every meeting is strategic and valuable.
  3. Stay in sync with your team. When the entire team is on board with a particular strategy, you’re all pulling together to achieve a goal, resulting in your team running like a well-oiled machine. Everyone having the same information means you are able to formulate a cohesive strategy and run with it. Less time is spent in discussion and in trying to get each team member in line—your team can do better work and use it to drive more revenue.

Having the right information at your fingertips is key, but what you do with it is just as important. Our own customers report a 17% increase in productivity increase for Sales Reps using Personal Business Analytics. By making sure that you use the information to your advantage, you to can drive more revenue while spending less time on tasks that are killing your team’s productivity.