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Yahoo layoffs will add to the management exodus

I did some interesting analysis of management churn in advance of the rumored Yahoo layoffs tomorrow. Check this comparison out:

We’ve seen (and I’ve blogged about) the brain drain at Yahoo, but over the past few months it’s continued and it is dramatically severe when compared to their competition and other major tech players. On this chart red is detected departures – that means it’s visible somewhere on the web whether announced or not; green is detectable arrivals. The right hand column show the data normalized by number of employees.
And looking at the last month’s worth of data, Yahoo managers aren’t necessarily leaving for big names, they are just getting out!
And a side oberservation – Microsoft has turnover but relative to the size of company it’s not critical — but HP shows what a stable company it truly is. Some turnover as you’d expect but it’s insignificant relative to the number of employees.