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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What Is FirstRain?

    FirstRain is a sales and marketing intelligence tool that delivers unmatched market and competitive insights in real time. It uses AI to identify your best opportunities and gives you up-to-the-minute information about your prospects, accounts, markets, industries and competitors. FirstRain gives your reps the confidence they need to prove value to customers quickly.

  • What Types Of Data Does FirstRain Use To Score Accounts?

    FirstRain AccountRank™ captures vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from the internet and social media as well as historic data from your CRM.

    We leverage descriptive data such as job function, company size, annual revenues, etc., to help us identify your ideal buyer. We also use buyer intent data, which includes your prospect’s buying signals from your CRM and marketing automation systems as well as their digital footprints across the web to determine where each prospect is in their buying journey. Then we show you which accounts are the best opportunities so that your reps know exactly who to focus on.

    Together, this information provides a full picture of each and every account.

  • What Kind Of Intelligence Does FirstRain Deliver?

    FirstRain delivers timely, relevant and targeted insights that help sales reps close more deals.

    • Who to call and what to say: FirstRain gives each sales rep a list of who to contact, as well as relevant industry- and company-specific insights for each account on the list.
    • Predictive scores: FirstRain’s AI-powered insights eliminate guesswork, assigning scores to your accounts so your reps always know where to focus their time.
    • Customized meeting briefs: FirstRain prepares your sales reps by delivering a customized meeting brief 15 minutes before every customer meeting in their iOS calendar.
    • Account alerts: FirstRain delivers alerts, via email or app notifications, any time a critical change takes place in one of your accounts. Alert tags include “deal threats,” “reasons to check in,” “good to know,” “management updates” and more.
    • Competitor monitoring: FirstRain helps you keep an eye on your competitors with “What’s New,” “Management Changes,” “Key Developments,” “FirstReads,” “Influencers & Market Drivers,” “FirstTweets” and “Social Commentary” competitor panels.
  • How Is FirstRain Different From Other Lead Scoring & Sales Intelligence Tools?

    FirstRain provides deeper, more targeted insights in real time, thanks to our proprietary technology.

    FirstRain’s AccountRank™ is an innovative feature that leverages proprietary web scraping technology and best-in-class third-party data providers to collect prospect insights in real time. AccountRank™ uses these insights to score every account and identify the top accounts that your prospects should focus on.

    AccountRank™ uses the historic success data in your CRM to learn what profile of account is most likely to close, thanks to a wealth of proprietary demographic, firmographic and technographic information. The system leverages a data scientist to design the most accurate machine learning algorithm for your data, and every account you add is automatically scored by your customized algorithm.

    Your AccountRank™ algorithm prioritizes the accounts that are most likely to close with the least amount of time and effort. Your reps see the AccountRank Score, the account name and the highest-scored contact for that account right in Salesforce.

  • Who Can Benefit From Using FirstRain?

    FirstRain’s industry-leading intelligence solution is transformative for both sales and marketing teams. Sales reps will reap the benefits of our AI-powered functionality – always knowing exactly who to call, when to reach out and what to say. Marketing teams will benefit from increased visibility during every stage of the funnel as well as from having unmatched market and competitive intelligence to guide their campaigns.

  • What Results Can I Expect?

    With FirstRain, you can expect to see dramatic results including:

    • Accelerated onboarding process
    • Improved performance of the middle 50% of sales reps
    • 2X increase in revenue or greater

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