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FirstRain Filters The Noise On The Web To Deliver Actionable Business Insights In Real Time

Get High-Quality, Actionable Intelligence On Your Accounts, Industry And Competitors

Make Intelligent Business Decisions And Drive Strategy With Confidence

With Relevant Insights Always At Your Fingertips You’ll Never Have To Worry About Missing An Opportunity (or Threat) Again

The massive amounts of new and changing information on the web make it incredibly difficult to find the insights that are relevant to your business. Sales & marketing technologies may provide an overabundance of insights, which can be overwhelming and counterproductive. Without a quick and effective way to sort information, companies risk missing key opportunities and potential threats.

That’s where we come in. With FirstRain, your sales, marketing and strategy teams will finally have the intelligence they need to make fully informed decisions. Unlike other sales and marketing intelligence solutions, FirstRain delivers exactly the actionable insights you need, without any extra noise.

Our machine learning algorithms are customized for your company’s ecosystem—filtering out the noise and delivering only the most relevant insights to your team.

FirstRain’s Groundbreaking 3-Step Approach Delivers Strategic Business Insights That Can’t Be Beat

Step One: AI-Powered Source Discovery

FirstRain’s proprietary technology continuously scans websites worldwide—providing the broadest range of business content sources available. With over 60,000 global sources and counting, FirstRain’s breadth of data coverage is unmatched.

Step Two: SourceRank QA™

When it comes to making judgements on the quality and trustworthiness of a content source, we know there is no substitute for human intelligence. So, in step two, dedicated FirstRain analysts manually evaluate and rank each and every source. This high-touch process ensures that our algorithms assign the proper weight to insights from each source.

Step Three: InsightFilter™

FirstRain InsightFilter™ uses cutting-edge robotic process automation technology to detect, aggregate and deduplicate the quality-ranked articles and documents in near real-time. Then, using a combination of advanced entity detection algorithms and natural language processing technology, a relevance score is assigned to each piece of content.

High-quality, highly-relevant insights are then categorized, prioritized, and delivered directly to your team.

Less Time, Less Effort,
More Results

Take A Peek Behind The Curtain At FirstRain’s Comprehensive Process That Is Always Working Overtime For You

Source Discovery

FirstRain uses AI to continuously look for URLs and sub URLs that offer business content. This ensures that the latest, broadest range of sources are monitored for relevant content. To date, more than 300,000 web sources have been discovered worldwide.

Manual Evaluation

The quality and trustworthiness of each source is manually evaluated by trained analysts. Out of more than 300,000 sources, only 60,000 have met our strict standards. That means that FirstRain has filtered out noise from more than 240,000 low quality sources—noise that other providers in the business intelligence market allow to flow through.

Document Aggregation

Robotic process automation technology then aggregates and de-duplicates content from the approved business sources in near real-time. This tech processes more than 600,000 new articles and documents every day.

Information Scoring

Through a combination of advanced entity detection algorithms and natural language processing technology, a relevancy score is assigned to each piece of content. Scores are based on how narrowly focused and relevant the information is.

Personalized Insights Collection

During the onboarding process, a FirstRain engineer will customize our machine learning algorithms for your specific business needs and industry nuances. The customized algorithms ensure that the industry insights you receive include the companies and topics that are most important to your organization.

Insight Delivery

The most relevant competitive insights are delivered directly to your team members in near real-time through your CRM or via our web or mobile apps.

Your Insights,
Your Way

  • Custom Channels To Meet Every Need. Easily build your own custom InsightChannels to learn more about prospect accounts, find competitors, research evolving market trends, discover new industry segments, etc. Custom filtering options empower each user to narrow or widen the range of relevancy-scored insights delivered to them. Create different channels for different needs.
  • Flexible Integrations. FirstRain is pre-built for a SalesForce integration so you get full CRM capabilities right out of the box. No SalesForce? No problem. The FirstRain platform boasts an open API that enables flexible integrations with the platforms you love.
  • Monitor Your Top Accounts. See your top accounts or pinned accounts inside your FirstRain dashboard. You’ll find highly relevant insights in 6 categories: Triggers, News, Management Changes, Social Commentary, Competitors and Spiking Topics. This gives you real-time visibility into business opportunities and threats.
  • View Individual, Account-Specific Insights. Even if an account is not a top account or pinned account, your team can still instantly find FirstRain’s filtered, categorized, highly relevant insights. Simply navigate to an account page to see insights related to that specific account. Users can also apply filters to refine which insights are displayed.

Let Our Proprietary Technology Do The Work For You

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