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FirstRain Delivers Powerful, Real-Time Insights About Your Industry, Market And Accounts

The volume of new and changing information on the web is endless, making it difficult for sales, marketing and strategy teams to uncover actionable insights. FirstRain solves this problem by giving users instant access to the broadest range of noise-free business intelligence from quality-ranked sources.

Solve Your
Biggest Challenges

Empower Your Sales, Marketing
And Strategy Teams With Best-In-Class Insights

No More Missed
Opportunities (Or Threats)

FirstRain provides the broadest scope of business sources available anywhere. And with each source evaluated on both quality and trustworthiness, the risk of missing important threats and opportunities is reduced significantly.

Dramatically Reduce
Research Time

FirstRain’s InsightFilter™ technology uses customized machine learning algorithms to scan more than 600,000 documents per day. The most important, actionable insights are delivered directly to your team – saving time, reducing frustration and boosting morale.

Close Deals

FirstRain provides sales reps with daily “Trigger” insights on each account to facilitate periodic outreach. Accompanied by relevant industry- and company-specific insights, the daily triggers enhance conversations and facilitate steady progression of accounts through your pipeline.

Instant Expertise
On Every Account

With up-to-date news and key insights delivered before each meeting, your sales reps will look like experts on every call. This expertise enables reps to connect, build trust quickly, and win more deals.

Spend Less Time
Training Sales Reps

With quick onboarding and a user-friendly interface, FirstRain gets new sales reps up and running right away. And since our platform does the account, industry and pre call research for them, intensive research training will be a thing of the past.

Turnkey Solution

Your Insights, Your Way With
Innovative Out-Of-The-Box Features

CRM Integration

FirstRain is pre-built for a SalesForce integration so you get full CRM capabilities right out of the box. No SalesForce? No problem. The FirstRain platform boasts an open API that enables flexible integrations with the platforms you love.

Custom Filtering Options

Find the information you need by using custom filtering options to build your own InsightChannel within the FirstRain web app. Start with a company name, product, industry segment or topic and FirstRain’s algorithms will guide you to the intelligence you’re looking for.

On-The-Go Insights

Emailed InsightNotifications keep users informed even when they’re on the go. By selecting which channels and categories they want included in their emailed insights, users can customize roundups that fit into their busy schedules.

Personalized Insight Summary

Hone in on important insights in FirstRain’s web app with InsightSummary View. Each user gets full control to choose preferred categories and display order for quick and easy access to the information that matters most to them.

Multi-Channel Delivery

FirstRain makes it easy to see your insights wherever it’s most convenient. With a curated newsletter, email or mobile alerts that can be configured to each user’s preferences, you’ll always find the information you need in the right format.

Automatic Meeting Prep

FirstRain’s mobile app InsightAlert syncs with users’ iOS or Android device calendars. It pushes an alert to the user’s chosen device 30 minutes before each scheduled meeting, sharing the latest insights relevant to the appropriate account.

FirstRain’s Unique 3-Step Approach Filters The Noise On The Web To Deliver Actionable Business Insights In Real-Time

Step One: AI-Powered Source Discovery

FirstRain’s proprietary technology continuously scans websites worldwide—providing the broadest range of business content sources available. With over 60,000 global sources and counting, FirstRain’s breadth of data coverage is unmatched.

Step Two: SourceRank QA™

When it comes to making judgements on the quality and trustworthiness of a content source, we know there is no substitute for human intelligence. So, in step two, dedicated FirstRain analysts manually evaluate and rank each and every source. This high-touch process ensures that our algorithms assign the proper weight to insights from each source.

Step Three: InsightFilter™

FirstRain InsightFilter™ uses cutting-edge robotic process automation technology to detect, aggregate and deduplicate the quality-ranked articles and documents in near real-time. Then, using a combination of advanced entity detection algorithms and natural language processing technology, a relevance score is assigned to each piece of content.

High-quality, highly-relevant insights are then categorized, prioritized, and delivered directly to your team.

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