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FirstRain Uses AI To Find Your Best Opportunities And Help You Increase Revenue

FirstRain delivers targeted, relevant insights to turn every sales rep into an instant expert. AI-powered AccountRank™ reveals your hottest prospects and gives you the insights you need to close the deal.

Know Who To Call And What To Say

With FirstRain’s AI-powered AccountRank™ technology, you see a targeted list of your best prospects, the top contacts for each one as well as key developments and management changes to be aware of, relevant social commentary, market drivers, competitors and more.

AccountRank™ uses AI, advanced algorithms and analytics to offer a very customized view into your customers, markets and competition. Best of all, it coaches your reps on where to focus their time and how and when to engage with your key customer leaders and decision-makers.

Take the guesswork out of the sales process. Improve sales and marketing alignment. Increase ROI. Shorten the deal cycle. With FirstRain, you’ll see your team hit their quota.

Score Leads

Stop wasting sales time on tedious and low-yield tasks like manual research, cold calling and aimless check-ins. Our software uses AI, advanced algorithms and analytics to show you where to focus your attention for maximum ROI.

FirstRain’s AccountRank™ scores each prospect, so you know which deals are likely to close and which ones you shouldn’t spend time on. Get unique, actionable account-level insights for nearly every contact in your CRM.

Build Expertise Quickly

FirstRain and AccountRank™ are powered by advanced data science, smart content acquisition and personalization. Get a robust feed of real-time insights, integrated right into the tools you use the most.

FirstRain’s technology provides sales teams, global executive teams and strategic marketing groups with highly relevant, real-time details of customers and markets. Our software gives reps the secret weapon they need to gain an edge in today’s challenging sales environment.

Follow Unlimited Channels

Your FirstRain dashboard is laid out in channels and panels as soon as you set up the app. Channels organize your business interests in a customized view and are displayed in your sidebar. Panels offer further organization within your channels and summarize specific content, insights and analytics.

You can manually search for accounts, companies, competitors, product lines, territories, verticals or a custom topic and create bucketed actionable triggers for each.

Monitor Target Markets

FirstRain helps you spot key market drivers and trends instantly. Our visual analytics highlight which companies and business drivers are trending in relation to your target markets, and heat maps help you understand what’s happening in real time.

FirstRain’s proprietary content acquisition platform continuously detects relevant business information from the global and social web, creating an archive of structured & unstructured data, wide & narrow concepts and qualitative & quantitative insights.

Get Early Warning Of Account Changes

It’s easy to stay on top of your accounts with FirstRain. Your “Who To Call” panel keeps you up to date with alerts on “Deal Threats & Accelerators,” “Reasons to Check-In” and “Good to Know” content. Access it anywhere, from the app, in Salesforce or through your daily email brief.

You also get just-in-time meeting briefs 15 minutes before scheduled customer meetings when you sync FirstRain with your calendar. Share the latest, most relevant information with your customers and prospects in order to establish trust and value quickly.

Explore Content From Global Sources

FirstRain sources content from 160 countries and determines relevance through analysis of the content, giving you a truly global view of any topic. Whether your biggest competitor is opening a new office in China or your newest prospect is investing heavily in South America, FirstRain knows which articles you need to see.

FirstRain scours web data, media news outlets, syndicated news sources, blog sites, wikis, expert channels, press releases, mandatory reporting and verified content from social media. Our advanced data-scraping software draws upon international, national, local and deep industry sources with dynamic categorization.

Provide Context For Historical Shifts

FirstRain provides unlimited ad hoc smart searches with advanced machine learning from the moment of search to six months back, covering news, topic spikes and relevant social mentions.

Smart searches make it easy to track key market drivers and their evolution over time. FirstRain is built to highlight the correlations, clusters and trends that can make or break your deals.

Facilitate Account Planning

Boost your win rate and shorten your deal cycle with FirstRain. Our business analytics and insights panels help you gain a competitive edge. FirstRain helps every rep understand key developments within each account in order to close new deals and expand current contracts.

FirstRain alerts you to your biggest threats and competitors in real time so you can preserve your pipeline and increase revenue.

Ready To Close More Deals?

See firsthand how FirstRain will use AI-powered AccountRank™ technology to transform your sales and marketing departments.