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FirstRain’s AI-Powered Features Help Your Team Make Quota

Prove value to your customers and prospects quickly with high-value, real-time insights from FirstRain. AccountRank™ reveals your most promising accounts and tells you who to call and what to say to close more deals.


FirstRain’s AccountRank™ solves the problem of knowing which outbound accounts are worth pursuing and when. AccountRank™ leverages AI, proprietary web-scraping technology and best-in-class, third-party data providers to collect prospect insights in real-time. It uses these insights to score every account and identify the top accounts to focus on.

Using the historical success data in your CRM and a wealth of proprietary demographic, firmographic and technographic information, AccountRank™ pinpoints which of your accounts are most likely to close with the least amount of time and effort. The system leverages a data scientist to design the most accurate machine learning algorithm for your data, and each account you add is automatically scored by your customized algorithm.

You will see the AccountRank™ Score, the account name and the highest-scored contact for that account displayed right in Salesforce or in the FirstRain app.

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  • Competitor Insights

    Know exactly what’s going on with your competitors, so you can stay one step ahead of them. FirstRain shows you What’s New, Management Changes, Key Developments, FirstReads, Influencers & Market Drivers, FirstTweets and Social Commentary panels so you’re always in the know.

    FirstRain also gives you risk indicators for your vendors, suppliers, customers and prospects. FirstRain alerts you in real time about management changes, regulatory issues, corporate restructuring, financing and investment, product recalls and more. Using AI and advanced algorithms, FirstRain sends just-in-time notifications about mergers and acquisitions, litigation changes, market disruptions, industry trends, awards and recognition and so much more.


  • See Everything Right In Salesforce

    We make it easy for your sales reps to see everything they need in the system where they spend the most time – Salesforce. AccountRank™ displays a prioritized list of your accounts, so your reps know which ones to focus on first. They can also get a targeted list of insights for each account – all without leaving Salesforce.


  • Management Change Alerts

    Under the Management Changes tab, you’ll see key personnel shifts at the companies you track — including new hires, departures and internal moves. You’ll also be alerted to any new opportunities or potential risks. 

    Get early warnings about any executive shifts that may affect your accounts and opportunities. You’ll receive an email or app notification any time a change occurs. 

  • Get Targeted Information On Industries

    FirstRain delivers unmatched key market and competitive intelligence on your industry and specific competitors. Respond to your market needs, outmaneuver competitors and grow market share from your understanding of the ever-changing industries you target. 

  • Just-In-Time Meeting Alerts

    Fifteen minutes before a customer meeting in your iOS calendar, you’ll get a customized Meeting Brief featuring up-to-the-moment, unique insights on key events and triggers. Always be prepared for meetings on the go and gain real-time understanding of your customers and markets. 

    FirstRain’s algorithms prioritize the most important customer insights and deliver them in a way that best suits your workflow, right before your meeting. Engage in conversations with confidence.

  • Updates Wherever You Need Them

    FirstRain makes it easy to see your insights wherever it’s most convenient. With a curated newsletter, email or mobile alerts that can be configured to each rep’s preferences and Salesforce dashboard updates, you’ll always find the information you need in the right format. Alerts are pushed out in real time, ensuring that you instantly see the information you need to keep conversations personal and relevant.

  • Top Twitter Insights

    FirstRain filters the full Twitter firehose, so that you see the 2% that is actually relevant to the business world. Get the topical company content that gives your reps accurate and pertinent insights. 

    Twitter is the dominant real-time social network, and the platform delivers news and industry trends before they break anywhere else. Without a powerful sorting and verification tool, it can be hard to find the unique insights among the noise, and verification can be time-consuming and difficult. FirstRain’s Twitter filter gives you unscripted updates that supplement the formality of official communications, offering you a full understanding of market sentiment.

  • Easy Social Media Share Buttons

    Social media is an important tool for selling. Social selling, especially when enhanced with online tools, can increase win rates and deal size. It is also particularly useful for establishing subject matter expertise that enhances the seller’s reputation, and generating business in a highly cost-effective way. 

    With FirstRain, engaging colleagues, customers and partners via social media is easy. With one click, you can share insights via Twitter, Salesforce Chatter, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, email and more.

Informative Visual Analytics

Drive smarter decisions with visual analytics that show web volume and trends, topic spikes and dips and sentiment analysis and overlays. Visualizations serve to highlight what’s trending or breaking related to companies and market-driving topics quickly.

Our context view gives you insights before you even read the article, saving you time and focusing on the things you care about. Prompts help you quickly identify activity trends across your customers and markets so you can stay ahead of the game.

The FirstRain Business Web Graph takes traditionally hierarchical concepts such as sectors, industries and companies and creates a dynamic graph of linked business web concepts that are applied to all FirstRain content and continuously updated.

The size of the cell represents the volume of content found on the web in the last 24 hours. An entity displayed within a larger cell will have more content compared to an entity displayed within a smaller cell. The intensity of the color represents the trending ratio of the content volume in the last 24 hours versus average volume for that company or topic over the last 30 days. Darker colors indicate an increase in the flow of volume.

Optimized Data Verification

FirstRain filters information based on relevancy and timing, information verification, insight scoring, content extraction and deduplicates content. The service triangulates intelligence and weights news sources so that only content with high confidence scores will surface.

FirstRain extracts critical events and quotes so you can quickly identify what is impacting your customers’ business.

Clear Information Segmentation

Markets move fast, and FirstRain’s dynamic algorithms ensure you understand and can predict where your customers and competitors are going.

With FirstRain, it’s easy to keep your insights organized. Partition users by business group or LOB, and give access to enterprise or group shared channels with email subscriptions.

It’s Time To Close More Deals

Ready to see how FirstRain’s AI-powered AccountRank™ helps everyone on your sales team make quota?