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FirstRain Delivers Powerful, Real-Time Insights About Your Accounts And Prospects

With AI-based AccountRank™ technology, you’ll always know who to call and what to say to close the deal. Get a personalized experience with just-in-time insights on your highest value accounts. Create and follow channels, perform ad hoc searches, filter insights, sync your calendar for pre-meeting briefs and more.

You’re Just Seconds Away From
Relevant, Targeted Insights

FirstRain doesn’t just give you more information about your customers and prospects – it uses machine learning to give you only the best, more valuable insights that your reps need to close more deals. You tell us what companies, people and topics you’re interested in and we help you set up your panels and filter through everything on the web, giving you exactly the information you need.

FirstRain uses a three-step process to find the best information about your customers and prospects:

Collects Data

Our proprietary web-scraping technology scrubs the web multiple times an hour, gathering critical data from the most trust-worthy sites.

Extracts Insights

FirstRain scours the information it collects, matching it against your target companies, people and keywords.

Delivers Insights

Once we’ve found this highly-relevant information, we push it out to your FirstRain app and into your CRM, so your sales reps are always seeing the most accurate and current information. And the best part is that this all happens in just seconds.

FirstRain Delivers The Best Information From Thousands Of Sources Worldwide

Using multilingual international, national, regional and local sources from 160 countries, FirstRain turns each rep into an instant expert with a truly global view of the landscape.

FirstRain’s dynamically expanding set of sources includes premiere news outlets from around the world, top global business publications, government and regulatory agencies, industry-specific sources across every sector, blogs and commentary, research and expertise-oriented sources, local and region-specific news sources and syndicated newswires and bureaus.

With FirstRain:
  • You see 90% of all relevant business content and all English language business content worldwide.
  • We review over 300,000 sources and process 70,000 of those per day.
  • We consider 800,000-1 million start URLs and process 200,000 of them per day.
  • We look at 2-3 million documents and process 600,000 per day.

The discrepancy between the volume reviewed and the volume processed reflects our powerful deduplication, verification and relevancy filters. FirstRain excels at semantic company matching, automated source discovery, expanding company coverage, handling ambiguous companies, filtering by region, covering subsidiaries and more. Our system uses probability-based junk elimination to remove or adjust 4,000 documents per day and to train itself to omit similar content in the future.

The Best Twitter Insights – Right In Salesforce

In today’s non-stop news cycle, where insights can come from anywhere, social media is a critical source to consider. Twitter is the dominant social network, and the platform delivers news and industry trends before they break anywhere else.

It would be too time-consuming for a person or an unsophisticated computing system to process the sheer volume of content that gets published on the platform. But FirstRain has powerful algorithms to gather, verify, deduplicate and organize tweets in real-time.

We filter the full Twitter firehose so that you see only business-relevant, topical company content that’s verified and pertinent. By supplementing more official communications with immediate and informal updates from Twitter, FirstRain is able to give each rep a comprehensive understanding of real-time market sentiment.

Using natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge graphs and other technologies, FirstRain delivers unique insights while continuously improving its own filters through the ingestion of vast amounts of content. FirstRain’s learning systems include dynamically refreshed training sets, aggressive data cleaning, better normalization and layered algorithms.

Setup Is Simple
Access FirstRain From Any Device

  • Setting up FirstRain is fast and easy. Once you receive an activation email from FirstRain, click “Activate Your Account” to be directed to a page where you can create your user password. Your username is your corporate email.
  • Once your account is activated, you can log into the FirstRain web app and reset your password. In the future, you can also log in directly from the link at the bottom of your FirstRain email reports. Make sure to bookmark the FirstRain application homepage for convenient future access.
  • If you’re accessing FirstRain through Salesforce, you’ll see your account information right in the application, or you can click on the FirstRain logo to go directly into the web app.
  • In Salesforce, FirstRain can be embedded in your Home tab, Accounts tab or your Opportunities tab. In your home tab, you will get triggers on all of your accounts. In the Opportunities tab, select an opportunity to see all of the information that FirstRain has to provide in real time on that specific opportunity.
  • Download the iOS or Android app for on-the-go flexibility. Your mobile app will mirror what’s on your web dashboard, and your login credentials are the same. Cross-platform synchronization ensures that any changes are propagated across all your applications.

Optimize Your Experience With Channels And Panels

Upon your first login, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process that lets you enter your role, your existing accounts, your competitors, your verticals, your product lines, your territories and more. You can also import your accounts directly from Salesforce.

AccountRank™ uses AI, analytics and advanced algorithms to assign an AccountRank™ score to each of your accounts. Upload your account list and instantly score it before adding the accounts to your CRM. Every new account you add is automatically scored.

Once your FirstRain account is set up, your dashboard will be laid out in channels and panels:
  • Channels provide real-time, actionable insights focused on your customers, prospects, competitors, target markets, product lines and more.
  • FirstRain automatically recommends channels based on your role.
  • You can build custom channels based on companies, business topics and additional filters.
  • Panels reside within your channels and offer summaries of specific content, insights and analytics.
  • Each panel allows you to drill down into further detail in real time.

Refine your channels as necessary through the provided filter options, or define your own custom filters.

In addition to viewing business critical insights in real time, you can also enable email alerts around your What’s New insights or perform ad hoc searches for companies and interests.

For the articles, content and insights inside your Panels, you can quickly see what companies and topics are mentioned. It’s easy to share any of this content with stakeholders via email, Hubspot, Yammer, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other platforms. You can also flag it as irrelevant, and FirstRain will learn to omit similar content. You can save content to view later as well.

FirstRain lets you see:
  • Who to call and what to say to close more deals.
  • Custom analytics on the verticals, customers, products and services that you sell or market.
  • Deep dives into your markets, customers and prospects.
  • Timely updates on threats and accelerators so you can see risks and opportunities.
  • Filters that deliver higher signal-to-noise personalized insights than ever before.

Perform Ad Hoc Searches For Quick Insights

In addition to receiving insights in real time via email alerts or viewing a summary of the topics you’re interested in via channels and panels, you can go into FirstRain at any time and do an ad hoc search for a particular company or topic.

When you search for a company, you can see its Business Webgraph, Management Changes, Market Drivers and Influencers and Company Facts (including People to Follow, Key Financials, etc.). Quickly gauge general sentiment about the company through a word cloud, which illustrates the type and volume of positive, negative and neutral commentary about the company.

If you like the search, you can add it to your existing channels. That way, you will be able to view a dynamically updated summary of what’s going on with the company or topic automatically.

Create Email Alerts To Receive Information Directly In Your Inbox

You can set up email reports around any or all of your following accounts. Chose to receive updates on “Who to Call,” “What’s New” (including: “Sales Triggers,” “Earnings & Financial,” “Activity Around My Product Lines,” “Management Changes,” “Activity Around My Competitors,” “BI Insights”) or “Detail View,” which provides a complete overview of all updates.

If you select Detail View as well as more specific topics from What’s New, FirstRain will highlight what you asked for specifically so that you don’t receive the same information twice. If you click “Create a Combined Email,” FirstRain will send you an email digest up to three times each day featuring the intelligence you have requested.

Sync FirstRain With Your Calendar To Receive Just-In-Time Meeting Briefs

To set up just-in-time alerts before your meetings, click the Meeting Briefs tab on the left-hand pane of the FirstRain app. After you sync FirstRain with your calendar, you will start receiving a roundup of the latest and greatest insights to share with your prospects and customers before every meeting.

Ready To Close More Deals?

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