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Petrochemical Company Deploys FirstRain To 80% Of The Organization In 3 Months

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A Fortune 100 provider of petrochemical and gas processing technologies recently added a new business unit. Previously, the company tried using third-party subscriptions and conducting research projects to get the information they needed. However, these tools and methods weren’t providing the team with enough information to grow the new unit.

Thanks to FirstRain, the new business unit can discover relevant sales opportunities effortlessly. They’ve also been able to monitor their market and the business movements of key customers. This makes it easy for the sales team to develop strong relationships and close more deals.

With FirstRain, the petrochemical company was able to:
  • Deploy the solution to 80% of the company in less than three months
  • Save money on market research
  • Identify sales opportunities for their new business unit
  • Boost productivity for marketing and sales teams

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