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FirstRain Announces Powerful New Solution for Strategically Tuned Customer Intelligence

B2B Software Analytics Company Pulls the Curtain Back on Best Practice Based
Customer Intelligence Solution

San Mateo, California, September 10, 2012 – FirstRain, a groundbreaking B2B analytics software company, has announced the launch of FirstRain Performinator, the first ever solution for easily adding strategically tuned customer intelligence to the daily lives of major accounts sales and marketing pros within their existing CRM systems, social enterprise platforms, tablets and smartphones.

Leaders from GE Capital and FirstRain will be discussing this new solution at the Dreamforce ’12 Conference in San Francisco on September 20, 2012.

Unlike other, less advanced, intelligence solutions for sales and marketing people, Performinator transforms major accounts sales and marketing teams into amazingly well-informed customer intelligence superstars. Performinator does this by delivering precise information that’s been fine-tuned for the specific sales and marketing strategy of each customer. This means users only see intelligence at the intersection of a company’s top customers, the business lines and end-markets they sell into, and the important developments that signal money or danger. This is unique and unusually relevant information that transforms each user into a company’s go-to expert on their most significant customers.

“FirstRain Performinator is a customer intelligence solution that’s so easy and so well tuned to your company’s strategy that for the first time, everyone on your team can understand your customers’ businesses as deeply as your superstars do,” says FirstRain CEO Penny Herscher. “The world’s best B2B sales and marketing teams deeply appreciate the business challenges and end-markets of their major customers in order to build relationships, identify risk and close revenue. With FirstRain Performinator, customer intelligence is instant, it’s easy and it’s everywhere.”

FirstRain Performinator comprises three drop-in customer intelligence modules that have been designed based on the best practices of top-performing B2B sales and marketing professionals. The standard collection includes the following modules:

  • The Personal Intelligence Carousel sits on the home page of, SharePoint or other social enterprise platforms and allows individuals in sales or marketing to easily select, view and share the intelligence on their top customers and markets that they want to see every day.
  • The Market Landscape component provides an amazingly deep and detailed view of the companies, markets and competitors that are influencing your business.
  • The Account Snapshot delivers a really useful, dynamically generated brief on any company in your CRM system.

And because Performinator is built by a bunch of scarily smart math brains and engineers whose patented technology and analytics finds, analyzes and delivers only Web and Twitter-based intelligence that’s relevant, detailed and business-focused, this intelligence can be centrally managed and seamlessly accessed in all the places users end up spending their work life today. This includes great CRM systems like and Dynamics, excellent social enterprise platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Jive and Chatter, and mobile platforms like the iPad, smartphones and email.

“This truly is a best practice based system,” explains Herscher. “Early versions have already been adopted by and are in use today across many of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies. If you lead or support a major account sales or strategic marketing team and want to give them a compelling reason to engage with and get value from their CRM, increase collaboration and understand their customer markets better than your competitors, then you’ll want to get them Performinator!”

FirstRain Performinator is available now as a subscription-based service. You’ll definitely want to get it, so come visit to learn more.

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FirstRain is a pioneer and leader in customer intelligence solutions for the enterprise. FirstRain’s cross-platform solutions provide major account sales, marketing and finance professionals intelligence that is tuned to their specific company strategy and allows them to deeply understand their customer’s business and their markets. FirstRain’s patented analytics technology finds business-focused Web and social intelligence and then integrates it seamlessly into the world’s premier CRM and social enterprise platforms, including, Chatter, Cisco WebEx Social, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics, Jive and Yammer. This intelligence is similarly incorporated into leading research platforms such as Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ, FactSet Research Systems, and Mergent. Based in San Mateo, California, FirstRain also has offices in New York and Gurgaon, India. To read our blog, visit us at

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