FirstRain Launches the First Big Data Analytics Solution to Deliver Real-time Insights into the Hands of Enterprise Marketing | FirstRain

FirstRain Launches the First Big Data Analytics Solution to Deliver Real-time Insights into the Hands of Enterprise Marketing

‘Market Insights’ Enables Business Teams to Turn Their Go-to-Market Strategy into Action

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jul 30, 2013 – FirstRain, the leader in big data analytics for enterprise sales and marketing teams, today released Market Insights, a revolutionary new way for CMOs, marketing teams and strategic leaders to put their go-to-market strategy into action. FirstRain Market Insights is an enhanced suite of big data analytics capabilities that builds on FirstRain’s successful Customer Insights solution for sales teams.

For CMOs and other strategic marketing leaders, the solution provides a real-time lens into the developments that impact the company’s go-to-market strategy. These include: new or priority product areas, target growth markets, top customers, emerging competitors, commentary from key executive buyers, expansion regions and, most often, the strategic intersections of these priorities. This rich insight dramatically increases the team’s understanding of the continuously changing business dynamics of their target markets, enabling smarter decisions every day to grow market share and revenue.

“CMOs and other marketing leaders are searching for ways to equip their teams with real-time information and visualizations on their complex markets, customers and competitors—all in the context of the company’s specific market strategy,” said Evan Escobedo, practice principle for Cloud, Big Data and Social Business at Zunesis, an IT solutions provider. “I rolled out FirstRain’s Market Insights solution to more than 3,000 marketing, product and sales professionals at a Fortune 100 technology company and it provided them with an extremely sophisticated and fine-grained view of their target markets and buyers. Today, they’re using it to fuel the many daily tactical and strategic decisions they need to make in order to compete and win in their space.”

Market Insights’ cloud-based solution leverages patented algorithms to extract critical developments and visualizations from global, external information and social media. These actionable insights are seamlessly delivered to enterprise marketing teams within the social and mobile applications they use every day.

Unlike most market intelligence solutions, which are focused on commoditized market data or noisy and time-intensive keyword searches, FirstRain’s advanced analytics model each company’s unique go-to-market strategy. As a result, Market Insights delivers only the most relevant and precisely tuned mix of critical market developments available in a clear, user-friendly interface. These powerful insights include:

  • Markets: A real-time visualization of the trends and developments impacting target markets at the intersection of key strategic business lines, products or priorities. For example, a computer software company can now see emerging trends around software security, but only within its new target energy market and within the expanding region of South America.
  • Buyers: Accurately captures the commentary, concerns and critical issues of an enterprise.s key buyers using a breakthrough, proprietary set of algorithms, models and methods. For example, a networking company can now see commentary from healthcare CIOs discussing plans for new technology investment.
  • Influencers: Provides an illuminating, side-by-side comparison of the business developments driving a company’s top competitors, influencers and partners—all in the context of go-to-market priorities. For example, a global computer hardware company can now see a continuously updating comparison of how it stacks up against its three closest competitors across each of its four top product areas.

“The advanced analytics technology of FirstRain’s Customer Insights has been a trusted tool for enterprise sales and marketing teams looking to uncover the key developments driving their top customers and end-markets,” said FirstRain CEO Penny Herscher. “Now with Market Insights, we are delivering the insights that provide a clear and continuous view into the events impacting each company’s go-to-market strategy—helping the whole company make better decisions, react faster to emerging opportunities or risks, and so grow their business.”

FirstRain Market Insights was specifically designed to provide an out-of-the box experience from day one, and is simple to configure and install, requiring no additional IT resources to manage it or lengthy end-user training. The solution is also fully mobile, with insights delivered to enterprise mobile devices, tablets, the Web, email, or easily integrated into touch-enabled enterprise mobile applications.

FirstRain Market Insights is available immediately on a subscription basis. For more information, visit

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FirstRain is a pioneer and leader in customer intelligence solutions for the enterprise. FirstRain’s cross-platform solutions provide sales, marketing and finance professionals analytics tuned to their specific company strategy and allow them to deeply understand their customer’s business and their markets. FirstRain’s patented, advanced analytics technology finds business-focused Web and social media and then integrates it seamlessly into the world’s premier CRM and social enterprise platforms, including, Chatter, Cisco WebEx Social, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics, Jive and Yammer. This intelligence is similarly incorporated into leading research platforms such as, Interactive Data and Mergent. Based in San Mateo, California, FirstRain also has offices in New York and Gurgaon, India.


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