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Take Your Marketing Efforts To The Next Level

FirstRain Is A Dynamic Marketing Solution That Uses AI-Based AccountRank™ Technology To Create Smart, Context-Aware Lead Generation Campaigns

Enhance Strategy

FirstRain uses proprietary web-scraping technology to search and gather massive amounts of data from the internet and social media. This accurate and actionable data fills the gaps in your own marketing database to fuel a healthy go-to-market strategy and identify high-value opportunities.

Communicate Effectively

FirstRain provides insights for almost every account in your CRM and marketing automation tools. Incorporating these unique and valuable insights into your ABM campaigns allows you to send targeted, relevant messages that resonate with your market – leading to improved email open rates, warmer responses to your communications and much more.

Nurture Leads

FirstRain strengthens your lead management process by integrating customer, account and market-specific analytics from blogs, local papers, industry journals, Twitter and other media sources into your CRM and marketing automation tools.

A Team Of Experts

One Of The Most Effective Ways You Can Enhance Your ABM Programs Is To Demonstrate Your Understanding Of Your Customers And Their Markets

FirstRain uses AI to scour all available information from reputable, multi-lingual sources on the web and turn it into actionable data points. These insights are then delivered directly to your team, helping them become instant experts on prospects, accounts, industries, competitors and more.

Armed with this knowledge, it becomes easy to deliver dramatically relevant content designed to increase customer engagement and improve conversion rates.

Visualize Meaningful Trends

Drive smarter decisions with visual analytics that show web volume and trends, topic spikes and dips and sentiment analysis and overlays.

Monitor Target Markets, Accounts

See what companies and business drivers are trending in relation to your target markets, with heat maps that help you understand what’s happening in real time.

Post Content Directly To Social Media

Boost collaboration, awareness and engagement via easy social media integrations including Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Teams, email, Facebook and more.

Never Get Caught Off Guard

FirstRain’s AccountRank™ Technology Provides Real-Time Visibility So That You Can Be Proactive

FirstRain’s market and competitive intelligence is second to none, providing valuable insights at all stages of the funnel and giving you real-time visibility into marketing risks. Your team will get early warnings of any critical changes, with email or app notifications keeping them up-to-date. They’ll also be able to keep a watchful eye on the competition with in-app panels dedicated to your company’s top competitors.

It’s Time To Close More Deals

Ready to see how FirstRain’s AI-powered AccountRank™ helps everyone on your sales team make quota?