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Automate Pre-Call Research to Become
Instant Experts on Every Account

Looking for sales intelligence solutions that promote sales marketing alignment? Whether you want a competitor traffic analysis tool or a competitive insight hub, relevant intelligence is the key to an effective sales enablement process.

A successful sales strategy requires that reps speak with authority on every account. Usually, this means conducting extensive, time-consuming research before each call—a process that often leaves reps feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

What if you could eliminate overwhelming pre-call research altogether?

FirstRain does the work for you—using machine learning algorithms to cut through the noise and identify high-quality, high-trust intelligence relevant to your accounts. 

These insights are then delivered directly to your sales reps, helping them become instant experts on prospects, accounts, industries, competitors and more. Not only will reps look like experts on every call, but they will be free to spend more time doing what they do best—selling.

Solve Your Biggest Challenges With Next-Gen Sales Intelligence

Empower Your Sales Reps With Best-In-Class
Insights That Help Them Win More Deals

No More Missed
Opportunities (Or Threats)

FirstRain provides the broadest scope of business sources available anywhere. And with each source evaluated on both quality and trustworthiness, the risk of missing important threats and opportunities is reduced significantly.

Research Time

FirstRain’s InsightFilter™ technology uses customized machine learning algorithms to scan more than 600,000 documents per day. The most important, actionable insights are delivered directly to your sales reps—saving time, reducing frustration and boosting morale.

Close Deals

FirstRain provides sales reps with daily “Trigger” insights on each account to facilitate periodic outreach. Accompanied by relevant industry- and company-specific insights, the daily triggers enhance conversations and facilitate steady progression of accounts through your pipeline.


FirstRain is pre-built for a SalesForce integration so you get full CRM capabilities right out of the box. No SalesForce? No problem. The FirstRain platform boasts an open API that enables flexible integrations with the platforms you love.

Filtering Options

Easily find the insights that matter most to you by building your own InsightChannel. Custom filtering options empower each user to narrow or widen the range of relevancy-scored insights delivered to them.

Meeting Prep

FirstRain’s mobile app InsightAlert syncs with users’ iOS or Android device calendars. It pushes an alert to the user’s chosen device 30 minutes before each scheduled meeting, sharing the latest insights relevant to the appropriate account.

Boost Win Rates And
Close Deals Faster

FirstRain’s Groundbreaking Technology Can Help Everyone on Your Sales Team Crush Their Quota

Prioritize the Best Accounts

FirstRain monitors your accounts and industries for you and keeps sales reps up-to-date on which accounts are ready to close.

Move Accounts Through the Pipeline Faster

On a daily basis, FirstRain provides reps with hot new “Trigger” insights on each accounts. Reps can use these insights to keep the communication channels open and move accounts through the pipeline with organic-seeming, periodic outreach.

Get Client-Ready Fast

No need for panicked, last minute intelligence gathering for quick-moving opportunities—FirstRain instantly delivers the most recent, actionable insights whenever you need them.

Win Customer Trust

Impress clients with the breadth, depth and quality of your knowledge. Speak with authority on every account and make each client feel valued.

Ready To Win More Deals?

With high-quality, actionable insights always at their fingertips, your sales reps will be instant experts on every account. See the difference FirstRain can make.